New Courses for Hoteliers and Restaurateurs from SWISSAM International University

SWISSAM launches new courses — “Legal Basis of the Hotel Business” and “Service Standards in the Hotel Business”, as well as training for restaurant staff “Communication. Service. Team”. The lecturers are experts-practitioners of the hospitality industry: Anastasia Koroleva (hotel business lawyer with 11 years of experience), Ksenia Ikonnikova (more than 12 years of experience in international hotels Redzidor) and Elena Lvovskaya (manager of restaurant projects DLT).


Online course “Legal Basis of the Hotel Business”. Start February 5th.

The course will give you an in-depth understanding of the law for hotel business, the most common violations and risks, and how to do business the right way from a legal perspective. 

Cost and program:


Online course “Service Standards in Hotel Business”. Start February 13th.

You will understand how to develop hotel service standards, implement them into hotel operations and train employees. 

Cost and program:   


Offline training for restaurant employees “Communication. Service. Team.” February 27-28 from 10:00 to 15:00.

Training for senior waiters, restaurant management staff, managers and business owners. Together with the expert we will learn how to build long-term relationships with guests and demonstrate a high level of service. The training takes place in St. Petersburg.

Cost and program: 


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