15/02 – February evening of the AdVita foundation, timed to coincide with the International Day of Children with Cancer

February 15, at 18 o’clock  the TKACHI creative space hosts the February evening of the AdVita foundation, timed to coincide with the International Day of Children with Cancer.

This is a friendly meeting for those who have long been helping the foundation, and at the same time, a good opportunity to get acquainted with AdVita. The guests can enjoy:

– a classical music concert,

– a mini-lecture hall of popular science on oncology,

– an exhibition

– and a food court.

The entrance to the event is for any donation to the beneficiaries of the fund.

The time for this event was not chosen by chance: February unites two important dates: World Cancer Day (February 4) and the International Day of Children with Cancer (February 15). The task of the February Evening is to tell, in a simple and clear way, about the work of the AdVita foundation and how the oncological medicine is organized today, to show clearly that it is pleasant and easy to help.

20:00 – Concert

World famous musicians take part in the concert program – Polina Fradkina (solo pianist), a string orchestra Synergy Orchestra, Andrei Berezin (cello), Yoel Gonzalez (drums, percussion), Alexey Chizhik (vibraphone).

19:00 – Mini-lecture “Myths about Oncology”

Four practitioners will answer the most common questions about cancer and they will try to make it short and straightforward.

18:00 – opening of the multimedia exhibition «The Patient is Known” *

It tells about the experience of one of the beneficiaries of the AdVita foundation Svetlana Shelokova, who has been undergoing treatment since 2009. “The Patient is Known” are the collages by Nina Freiman, a volunteer of the fund, made as illustrations to Svetlana’s texts. Especially for the exhibition an actress of G.A. Tovstonogov Theatre Karina Razumovskaya has voiced one of the texts, it will sound during the exhibition.

* “The patient is known” is a phrase that a doctor uttered during the rounds, instead of providing accurate information about the diagnosis, because Sveta is almost a regular guest of his hematology department.

Details on the website: http://event.advita.ru/february

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