Fall 2020 – The launch of the new group of Executive MBA General Management program at Stockholm School of Economics in Russia


The world and the demands of business leadership have changed considerably over the past two decades. In 2020, SSE Russia is relaunching their Executive MBA program adding to it several major developments that reflect the evolution and contemporary market needs.

Business education is traditionally considered to be about obtaining knowledge. Today, the knowledge that distinguishes a business leader consists of the information that can’t be found on Google or learnt during short term training sessions and webinars.

The Stockholm School of Economics in Russia model of business education is based on communication with both a group of like-minded people and European experts. The essential, underlying principle is emphasis on the diversity of life and professional experience of students and faculty staff. This creates opportunity for ideas and cases exchange. Our students learn to deal with multifaceted problems that would be difficult to solve on their own.

The admission is ongoing. The launch of the new group of Executive MBA General Management program at Stockholm School of Economics in Russia is autumn, 2020.

The Stockholm School of Economics in Russia new Executive MBA 2020 program is designed to be about more than just knowledge but about new experience, new skills, new approaches to problem solving.

The main advantages of the new program are:

  • The new edition of the program focuses more on the content such as the global megatrends that affect policymakers in all sectors, including digitalization, globalization and sustainable development. Program participants will have an opportunity to learn the basics of doing business in Russia, Stockholm, Luleå (the second largest contributor to Sweden’s GDP after Stockholm) and Tel Aviv.
  • The Executive MBA GM program consists of 13 modules distributed over 20 months of studying. Each module lasts for 4-6 days per month, so participants do not fall out of the workflow for a long time and can easily plan and fit the program curriculum into their work schedule.
  • Participants of the new EMBA 2020 program will have the opportunity to communicate and learn together with participants and Alumni from Sweden and Latvia during the cross-cultural module.
  • Participants will be offered international elective modules.

To prepare confident leaders with fresh perspectives and new ideas open to changes and future challenges, SSE EMBA 2020 is built on the premise of FREE concept:

F – facts and science based mindset:

The habit for critical thinking helps graduates cut through the growing complexity of the world and information overload, tell real news from fake news and make decisions based on real and not alternative facts. The new EMBA program will have even more classroom discussions, challenging participants to critically assess each other’s arguments as they study business cases from around the world.

R – reflective& self-aware:

Practicing reflection and growing greater self-awareness encourages constant development of one’s leadership style. The new edition to the program will include elements of coaching to help participants better understand what motivates them, their team-player behavior, and any major blind spots they may still have.

E – empathetic& culturally literate :

These are important underlying themes of the program helping students develop the capabilities that will set humans apart from machines as AI and robots are becoming a more integral part of labor force. One step in that direction is a joint module on Cross-Cultural Management, where EMBA participants from across the Stockholm School of Economics family of program in Stockholm, Riga and St.Petersburg learn together with each other and about each other.

E – entrepreneurial& responsible:

Entrepreneurship and creativity are combined with leaders’ community obligations. From classroom modules, where participants develop fresh ideas through design thinking, to field projects, where they need to identify opportunities and create real change in their organizations.

You are welcome to visit the SSE Russia website to receive more detailed information about the new features of EMBA program.

Please refer to the SSE Russia Sales Manager Victoria Kostikova via email victoria.kostikova@sserussia.org or by phone +7 (921)791-21-11 for further information regarding the program and its admissions.

About the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia:

The two-year Executive MBA program of the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia was first launched in 2000. Since then, 40 English and Russian EMBA groups have graduated. SSE Russia is proud of its over 20 years of successful work in Russia, with more than 2,000 graduates of various programs, more than 1,100 of whom have graduated Executive MBA programs of the Stockholm School of Economics.

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