28.05 Asian-style brunch in the Grand Hotel Europe

Grand Hotel Europe is celebrating 30 years of serving up sensational Sunday brunches. They were the first in Russia and delight customers to this day.

To mark the anniversary, the hotel presents a series of events hosted by outstanding guest chefs. Get ready to enjoy live music, an unlimited bar, an extended menu from Executive Chef Sergey Andreev and unique dishes crafted by the visiting gastronomes. On May 28 head to L’Europe Restaurant for an Asian-style brunch with Artem Martirosov, Chef of Moscow’s KrabyKutaby and Black Thai restaurants, winner of the all-Russian Chef of the Year award. The next guest-chef brunch is on June 25 — make a space in your diary!


13 500 RUB per person

Book your table at +7 812 329 6622


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