28/11 – Acsour’s free webinar “The legal intricacies of how electronic document flow should be implemented”

We are happy to invite you to a free webinar focusing on setting up a system of internal electronic document flow within companies.

The concept of a ‘paperless office’ is strongly advocated in modern life: more and more companies are striving to implement a system of electronic document flow (EDF) so as to enhance the efficiency of working time and to cut operational costs. The implementation of such a system does not always, however, yield the desired results. This is mainly due to issues which arise within the legal framework. For instance, one of the key issues that remains open is determining the scope of electronic document flow and its systems, and safeguarding electronic documents and securities.

At the free webinar that Acsour has prepared for you, we will tell you how to avoid typical mistakes when internal electronic document flow is set up. During the event, you will learn what a legally relevant EDF system is and which contracts can be signed using an electronic signature. Moreover, we will discuss cases when such contracts are legally binding and provide you with a current assessment of the existing risks and advantages of electronic document flow.

As a follow up to the event you will be provided with guidelines on how internal EDF should be implemented within a company and recommendations on how it should be used, as well as most the importance intricacies of how a legally significant system of electronic documents should be set up. Anna Khrustaleva, Head of Legal at Acsour, will conduct the webinar. The main presentation will be followed by a Q&A session during which the attendees will be able to personally consult with Acsour’s expert.

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