A Fulcrum for Yourself and Your Team

“Turn your finger on yourself” is one of the ways to qualitatively change your life. What does it mean? Keeping your focus on responsibility for your impact, transform your thinking and behavior in accordance with your development goals, and then improve the world in the zone of proximal development, scaling changes further over time.

They work according to this principle at our partner company “Earth Strategist” and teach this to managers and business owners. Now a new enrollment is taking place for a large training program “Integral technologies for the development of people and organizations.” On April 3 at 19.00 there will be an open presentation of the program, where you can learn about it first-hand.

In the first 10 months, students work on the quality of their own lives. They solve personal problems by studying their life from new angles. At the first stage of training, you can see which life or management strategies work and which do not. You become, in some way, a “stalker” who constantly explores new facets of his personality, expanding and increasing its scale.

At the second stage, meta skills and integral development technologies are taught. In simple terms, tools that allow you to develop teams, projects and businesses, making them sustainable no matter what happens around you. And this is something that does not lose its value and relevance throughout life.

Therefore, if you now have a request for growth, development of yourself and your business, this is a good opportunity to consider this program as a step into the future.

The event is free, you must register using the link

  • Date: April 3
  • Time: 19.00
  • Address: St. Petersburg, st. Bolshaya Morskaya 3-5, Lidval business center

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