How wonderful are holidays and vacations! How horrible are holidays and vacations! This is the paradox of our lives! Someone is tired to rest, to consume tons of food and to constantly celebrate something! How now to get rid of extra pounds?.. What else to eat to lose weight? Someone infinitely happy to break a constant race and opportunity to lie down somewhere on the bottom or on the beach. Or you could be up to the skies and fly on the wings of freedom! And the freedom of flight is over with the landing, all the holidays came to an end!
And now everybody is stressed… The reasons are different, but the result is only one! Yes, and one way out – SPIBA!
Grandfather Frost has brought gifts to SPIBA – frost, sun, rosy cheeks and bright eyes of our members enjoying meeting and participating in our events of the New Year.

We know that we should be starting a new year with a good mood, optimism, and readiness for new achievements! However, external circumstances and internal disharmony often prevent us from fulfilling our resolutions. Therefore, as 2012’s first event we decided to hold a seminar on “Stress at work: to avoid or to fight?” OnJanuary 18, Anastasia Vitkovskaya told about the nature of our stress, the types of professional stress, and finding and using internal resources to increase stress resistance. We sincerely hope that each participant in the seminar discovered something new, because the most important thing is putting theory into practice!

On January 19, our association was yet again an information partner of the “Tepliy Dom” charity evening, which took place in the theatre “Teatr Estradi.” On the stage guests watched an amazing play: an alternative reading of the famous fairy tale “The Golden Key.” However, the highlight of the play was not its original script, but its remarkable actors. Ten brave souls, businessmen and directors of enterprises, who had never played before on stage, wore the costumes of the heroes of a famous children’s tale. All funds raised by the event will be directed to the support by the “Tepliy Dom” of 30 low-income families with children, as well as the repair and development of the “Tepliy Dom” carpentry fund, where children themselves earn money by creating their small wooden masterpieces. After the show the guests took part in a charity lottery. In total, the project is planned to collect more than 500,000 rubles to help families in difficult life situations.

Guess if someone from SPIBA has played a major role in this play? SPIBA everywhere and always plays the important role and comes to the rescue!

The evening of 25 January, we talked about leadership as a new science. Our guest was Margarita Adayeva-Datskaya, president of the Advanced Management Institute. The event was about the types of organizational leadership, and new roles and tasks of leaders. Choice, meaning, and values are the three key elements which the leader must keep in mind. Taking responsibility for one’s vision of reality, giving meaning to the work and lives of employees, and values ​​on which the work will be built. Speaking about leadership as a new science, Margarita explained research that is at the boundary of different sciences, which are at first glance quite unrelated to each other. For example, the interconnection between quantum physics and the structure of our society, organizations, relationships.  We are often afraid of crises, while science tells us that it is possible that a state of chaos, not order, is a normal state of being. Chaos and change are the only path to conversion and transformation. To find that perfect point of balance between order and chaos in the organization, in order to ensure that work is being completely efficiently on the one hand, while creativity, development, and evolution take place, on the other, is the true objective of each leader.

The next day, January 26, the SPIBA Finance Committee held its meeting on changes and relevant issues in the law on transfer pricing. The presentation was made by experts from the Moscow division of BDO: Yakov Bykov, director of tax consulting, and Leonid Somov, manager of the Tax Group. To see the presentations you may visit the event’s page on the site.

On January 31, we held a pilot meeting of our association’s new project: “Breakfast with the Director.” We plan to invite business leaders, managers and directors to share interesting experiences and tell us about innovative approaches to business, non-standard solutions, and everything that leads to breakthroughs and new peaks of success. The first guest of the project in this format was Varvara Danilova, HR Director for “British American Tobacco, St. Petersburg.” The participants thanked Varvara for her openness, lively communication, and interesting story about her career path and unique experience!

Also this month we had a working meeting of the SPIBA Finance Committee to discuss the Committee’s plans for topics and speakers at future events. We are sure that all the activities planned at this meeting will continue to be as interesting, informative, and of course relevant to our favorite financiers! Thank you for your comments and suggestions, all of which helps us to make the events that better for you!

We would like to remind members of the association that at the next General Meeting elections will be held to the SPIBA Executive Committee. This is a unique opportunity to participate in the management of our association and contribute to the development and future of SPIBA! Detailed information about the upcoming elections is available here.

Dear friends! To receive the latest information about our events, please, visit our website and facebook page, where you can check for upcoming events and see photos from recent ones.

So, we wish you a great New Working Year and good luck! We are always waiting for you!