SPIBA events in May 2015
On May 20th SPIBA continued the series of events for expats: “Expat life in Russia: Guidelines to success”, that are aimed at the foreign managers and first figures of the companies. During the event the participants were able to discuss the burning topics such as: labor market trends, changes of the migration law, recommendations on how not to lose the work permit and also the cross-cultural differences and their influence on business.

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On May 21st the meeting was conducted by the Marketing and Communications Committee of SPIBA on the topic: “Zero-budget marketing: how to retrieve the maximum benefit in the conditions of cost optimization?”.The invited speakers shared the presentations with guests on the topics of co-branding in social projects, promotion of the brand during crisis, B2B marketing with no budget. Also they talked about their experience of conduction of marketing campaigns with minimum budget, usage of the integrated approach for promotion and the methods of employees involvement into marketing
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On May 25th SPIBA in collaboration with ANCOR held a logistic business breakfast “Logistics in turbulent times”. Konstantin Krotov, Deputy Director of the Graduate School of Management SPSU, talked about the challenges of logistics in the modern world. Elena Pozdeeva, Logistics Director “220 Volt”, shared with the participants the presentation on the topic “Automation of the management service of the Internet store delivery service”. Presentation of Irina Zolotukhina, Head of the External Logistics Department “Ford Motor Company”, was about the logistics of automotive production in the conditions of overcoming the industry crisis. After the presentations the practical part of the meeting took place – participants were invited for the discussion and further solution suggestions to the specific cases in groups.

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May 14th  – SPIBA Legislation & Lobbying Committee: round table “Roadside checks”

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May 19th – SPIBA and  Kelly Services CIS: seminar “New reality: to survive or to develop?”

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May 26th – SPIBA Real Estate & Construction Committee: round table on the topic “Commercial and residential property trends”.

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May 29th – Morning Coffee Discussion on the topic “Saint Petersburg Business Climate and Recent Changes in the Legal Landscape”