Dear friends, members of SPIBA,

November is one of the most difficult months of the year! Days become shorter and darker … Weather brings wind and cold, which is not that pleasant …

It’s absolutely necessary to paint this time with bright colors and decorate with pleasant events. Good Food in a good company is one of the most accessible ways to do it. This is the reason why we had two parties this month! Dreams of a hot India in Tandoor restaurant and “the gold fish” in a seafood restaurant Fish House warmed the soul, and World Class Birthday Party recalled the slender figure for the summer …  It’s just around the corner!

This month has also been colored with two meetings with our “gold fund” – professors and experts in the field of quality management (17 November a meeting of the Committee on Ecology and Safety, dedicated to building a system of environmental management in the company) and the international economy (roundtable discussion on Russia’s accession WTO, 30 November). It is so nice to meet such intelligent and well educated people, to be involved into debates and creative thought flight. This is from the intellectual pleasures!

In November we start active cooperation with the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce. On November 9 we jointly organized business meeting “Development of the Russian market of automobile spare parts.”

On November 18 SPIBA participated in the HR conference club “Kak Delat (How to do)” as a media partner.

In the cold of Arkhangelsk on 23-24 November in a warm and friendly atmosphere, an international conference on good governance was organized by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Representatives from all the Nordic countries shared their experiences and views. Participants listen to them with great interest and discovered useful ideas. Northerners on both sides understood each other perfectly! In these trips become aware of how important it is to go beyond the horizon of our usual life and our own stereotypes. It gives new ideas and business opportunities. Conditions for life in the North are much more severe, but they are not an obstacle to business development. Apparently we need more to go to such business trips. Why did not we do that together for so long?
Master Class at the Stockholm School of Economics on November 22 has given us all another opportunity to understand: “… we are Different.” One to be happy and successful should run, and another lie … The main thing – is to understand and accept themselves and others such as it is!

How wonderful is that the New Year is coming with lights and bright colors and after that, for sure, the brighter days of Spring will come!