Dear colleagues and SPIBA friends!

October was a month of Golden Autumn and Innovations. Nature starts to change with changing leaves on the trees. Starting with the Innovation Forum, we have continued our creative innovative work in many directions.

We had a few innovations. First Рthe beginning of activity within SPIBA Working Group in Public Advisory Board FAS. The main topic was the new law and conditions for free competition in the retail business. We have conducted an analytical review on this subject, and a really detective investigation of law practices. We have formed the Club of Highly Qualified Experts, who are trying to apply common sense and deductive thinking to interpret the individual clauses of the Law on Retail. I hope that the documents with notes and suggestions for Trade Law will help everyone, including FAS, it is better to understand and then to propose useful changes.

Meeting of HR Committee on October 22, was innovative as well. There where presented new approaches to HR practices. The conclusion is that the success of partnership relations between HR and other corporate business units is based on love. In order to improve HR practice all routine procedures can be outsourced, but not Love! It must remain in the company!

During our visit to the JTI on October 20, than discussing areas of development of relations with the government, we saw an expression of love in words, public and personal recognition on the screens of the internal corporate television. Words and feelings were nice and warm!

Our neighbors from the Nordic countries celebrated 15 years of Norden in Russia. Of course, there were many national cuisine and culture. Do you know basic values for Northen kitchen? The main principles – simplicity, healthy, organic and compliance nature. This means that everything is made from products that are grown and produced in their native land. The main seasoning is – it’s love for their northern edge! A tasty work!

This month there was another innovation – a new beginning of our friendship and cooperation with the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce. Of course, the best time for this – Oktoberfest! We have a German community in St. Petersburg – the largest number of members. Our connection gives both parties additional opportunities to share experiences, knowledge and contacts for business development.

Even if we would not know Russian political leaders, we would still be looking for innovation and new opportunities in order to win the love and make our SPIBA members happy.

The best innovation to you, colleagues!

Happy New Month!