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Dear friends!

Just the other day, the first snow fall swept our city- a reminder from winter that it is near! What does winter mean for an event manager? The time of New Year’s celebrations of course! Should you hire a third-party to organize the event or should you organize it yourself? What would be appropriate for a company of 50 people, what about a company of 500? How can you be original when all ideas seem to have already been done before? All of these questions were answered by BC Communications on October 2nd during an interactive workshop in a unique game format «EVENT-o-poly». Participants got not only new ideas, but also expert advice, and at the end of the event made ​​presentations of their projects, which undoubtedly inspired the birth of their own ideas for future activities. We are also thankful to the Legran restaurant and Starget Guest Management for providing a venue for the event and for a wonderful morning coffee and breakfast!

On the 3rd of October there was a meeting with Nikolai Sorokin, the deputy chairman of the Committee on Natural Resources, Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety of St. Petersburg. During the meeting the discussion was focused on current business issues that are the responsibility of the Committee: Powers of the Committee, and how they are implemented in practice, and the interactions with Rosprirodnazor, joint inspections, issuance of decisions on the use of bodies of water, and the most common problems associated with the activities of enterprises.

The Finance Committee of SPIBA organized a meeting on October 9th dedicated to the topic of the changing currency legislation of the Russian Federation. Elena Yakovenko, Head of Currency Control, of “Credit Agricole CIB ZAO” spoke at the meeting. Elena, as always, was pleased to spell out all of the information in detail, share the results of the bank in respect to the issue and describe the experience with the new changes.

On October 11th a meeting was held at SPIBA with Dmitry Cherneiko, the chairman of the Committee on Labor and Employment in St. Petersburg, as well as experts of the Committee on Labor and Employment in St. Petersburg. At the meeting, each expert of the committee reported on its area of ​​responsibility, thus highlighting the following issues: job quotas for the disabled, compensation for work in dangerous conditions, collective labor disputes in St. Petersburg, collective bargaining agreements in St. Petersburg, and the register of employers who illegally fired workers. The dialogue was very constructive, and after the meeting the representatives from SPIBA were included in the Interdepartmental Commission on job quotas for the employment of disabled people in St. Petersburg.

    On October 16th in the walls of SPIBA we talked about emotional intelligence. We talked about leadership as intent and the ability to give meaning to all that we do and in what we motivate the people around us in; emotions and emotional intelligence play an important role in our ability and opportunity to influence the world around us. Emotional intelligence of employees is directly related to their success in the workplace, with their ability to govern themselves, and therefore – to manage others. The wonderful speaker and long-time friend of SPIBA, Margarita Adaeva-Datskaya, talked about leadership, leadership thinking, approaches in management, and the measurement of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, management of relationships, empathy, and the quality of being a connoisseur of people. We are grateful to Margarita and the Advanced Management Institute for an inspirational workshop, the fresh ideas and approaches!

On October 17th SPIBA held the conference for “Novels on civil rights.” During the meeting many representatives of leading law firms made presentations. The topics up for discussion were focused on business partnerships, investment partnerships, property law and various aspects of taxation.

Friends! We are pleased to continue the series of events we have all grown so fond of – “Breakfast with the director,”and we invite charismatic and strong leaders as guests! On October 23rd at the restaurant Legran we hosted another “Breakfast”, which featured Sergei Lade the regional personnel manager of the North-West and Central Russia, PepsiCo Russia. It is difficult to say what was more attractive about the meeting with Sergei, the theme of his speech “Integration processes in the company during the merge of big business” or the vivid accounts of this experienced HR Director, behind whose shoulders lay experiences in working in international corporations, and Russian companies. We think that both.

“Coaching in the corporate context” – was the theme of the meeting held on the 24th of October by the HR committee. Coach, business coach, trainer, and consultant on organizational development Dainius Baltrusaitis talked about the possibilities of coaching for leaders, on how to integrate the practice of coaching into already existing management practices of the staff, as well as, the importance of focusing on solutions rather than problems and on strengths rather than weaknesses. The workshop was very lively, sincere and inspiring.

Now a little bit about the November plans at SPIBA! We look forward to seeing you at SPIBA’s Annual Meeting held on November 13th, as well as our anti-corruption workshop sessions for financiers, and of course, Look @ It! Please refer to the calendar on our web site and our Facebook page in order not to miss any exciting events in the coming up month.