Dear friends,

We are pleased to share with you our October bulletin of SPIBA events!

October 3 SPIBA organized a tour to the Heineken Russia brewery. General Director, Oleg Bokov led a fascinating excursion followed by a discussion about the company and current beer market in Russia and concluded the discussion with a beer tasting. We are sincerely grateful to Mr. Bokov for his unique approach, fantastic tour and the detailed information about beer production! Indeed, our members had an unforgettable experience and gained insight that only a truly passionate brewer could provide!

October 4 SPIBA Finance Committee and the company, Taxcom held a meeting on the topic of “Reconciling Russian e-invoicing legislation with seamless global supply chains.” The discussion revolved around the joint solution that enables suppliers of insourced and outsourced business services to use a single interface that would comply with all legal and technical requirements in Russia.

October 7 a meeting was held with the management of “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg.” Current issues related to wastewater treatment, water treatment, water supply and sanitation were discussed. Ultimately, the participants concluded that it is necessary to focus more on the issue of new contractual relations with “Vodokanal,” therefore we are planning another meeting in the first half of December. If your company has questions for “Vodokanal”, please send them by e-mail to by the end of November.

October 9 SPIBA Finance Committee held a meeting on the changes  in currency legislation of the Russian Federation in connection with the use of the Bank of Russia Instruction number 138 -I. At the meeting, Elena Yakovenko, Head of Currency Control at “Credit Agricole CIB ZAO,” as always, satisfied the audience by providing clear information.  She shared the results of her experience in respect to the issue and talked about the first stages of putting into practice the new changes.

October 10 SPIBA Quality of Life Committee continued a series of meetings entitled “Cultural Discoveries SPIBA.” This event was dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the Romanov house, and was organized in partnership with the “Palace of Congresses.” SPIBA and Konstantinovsky Palace provided guests with the opportunity to see deposits of precious stones, highest quality carvings, and diamond cutters and designers.  Guests were also able to view the Great Imperial Crown which is made of white gold, beautified with thousands of famous “Russian cut” diamonds,  adorned with pearls from the southern seas and topped with a large red tourmaline. After the tour, guests were offered a tasting in the wine cellar, where an experienced sommelier shared the history of wine-making, raising successful crops and the varietal composition of wines as well as the secrets of  wine-drinking culture.

October 22 SPIBA Committee on Legislation and Lobbying held the second meeting of the “Legal Discussion Club.” The discussion was around issues concerning interaction with public authorities.  Partners of the firms ATTORNEYS AT LAW BORENIUS and “Semenyako, Grib and Partners” shared case studies from their practices. We invite you to actively participate in the next meeting of the “Club” and talk about your own exciting projects.

On October 25, SPIBA, in coordination with St. Petersburg State University, held a roundtable entitled “From idea to result: the experience of innovative collaboration between business, science and education.” The event was organized as part of the international scientific-practical conference “The Interaction of science , education and business : innovation landscapes of Europe and Russia.” SPIBA members at the roundtable spoke about innovation in their companies, as well as issues of strategic relationship management, science and education. We are grateful to the speakers of the companies EY, ATRIA RUSSIA, Optogan and HEINEKEN  Russia for their informative presentations, and to all participants of the roundtable for the active and the “hot ” discussion!

With growth prospects for the Russian economy and business looking strong, the battle for talent is intensifying every day. How difficult is it? What are the alternative solutions? What can be done to attract and retain talented, motivated and industrious employees? Experts from leading business schools, Hanken and the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia, addressed these questions at a business breakfast at hotel “Novotel” on October 30.    Alexey Ustinov, HR Director, YIT, concluded the discussion by sharing a practical case from his years of experience in attracting and developing talent.

Please refer to the calendar on the website so you don’t miss the interesting events of November, and, of course, we look forward to seeing you at the SPIBA Annual Meeting on December 5th. See you soon!