Acceptance of applications for the Specialist of the Year nomination is now open in «Proba Awards 2023»

What is the best communications professional made of?  From creativity, critical and strategic thinking, analytical skills and great intuition. This is a hero with the superpower of reputation management. And superheroes must be known by sight!

Therefore at Proba Awards 2023 there is a competition in a category the Specialist of the Year!

Experts from the field of communications, PR, business and marketing are invited to participate, ready to show the experience, to share expertise and to prove to all that you are worthy the title of the Specialist of the year!

It’s time to show everyone what you can do!

Participate in a free nomination register for Proba Awards 2023 ! or call: 8 (996)745-72-21- Valentina Mazhaeva.

The winners will be announced and the PROBA Awards 2023 Ceremony will be held on September 21, 2023 during the international communications forum  Baltic Weekend.

*Applications are accepted until August 4, 2023.

More information on participation in the nominations Specialist of the Year, BUSINESS, SOCIETY, TECHNOLOGIES AND INSTRUMENTS is available here!

Award organizer: SPN Communications agency;

Partner of the student nomination Proba Awards 2023: “MTS”.

Media partners: TASS, PRnews, ADPASS.

Analytical partner: Medialogy.

Partners-associations: RAOS, SPIBA, Small Agencies Hub, REPA, RASO.

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