Ahlers & Rödl & Partner: 23.10.2020 Webinar “Strategic partnership – Outsource your non-core operations in Russia to gain increased competitive advantage”

Date: 23 October 2020

Time: 10.00 – 11.00 (Moscow time)

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Participation in the conference is free.

The webinar will be held in English.

Registration until October 21 by email: Victoria.Chuikina@ru.ahlers.com.


  • Outsourcing the complete Route to Market: import chain from the factory in Europe to end clients in Russia. Case study: legal entity vs. an outsourced import model, how to convert costs from fixed to variables. – Johan Elzes, BU Director, Ahlers
  • Outsourcing of accounting function. Payment procedures – handling the payment transactions with local customer and local vendors. Automation of purchase & sale transactions in the financial accounting by means of the brokers’ data. – Olga Nikolaeva, Business Economist, ACCA, Partner, Deputy General Manager, Business Process Outsourcing, Rödl & Partner.

In today’s world, managing the profitability of the company, in challenging circumstances, is a complex puzzle. Managing your own organization and professionals requires a solid cash flow to facilitate the salaries and bonuses, while also maintaining a buffer to manage the unexpected.

The risk of disturbance in trade- and income processes may lead to dramatic consequences, hence outsourcing could be leveraged as a solution to drive a profitable business with a focus on growth and new customer acquisition. Standard operational procedures and managing exceptions could be outsourced to those with special expertise and assets specialized in these areas.

Supply chain management and compliance, throughout the sourcing and delivery chain, are things that every company today must have full control of. How could you control your demand-supply chain if you don’t know how it is handled? The same goes for accounting and other back-office services. Outsourcing to a reliable partner with an excellent professional track record, allows you to obtain full control over your transparent flows and funds, and that makes you the master of the demand-supply chain.

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