Big Data protects the environment in Russia: BELTEL won the Microsoft Partner Awards 2018

Press release BELTEL

July 9, 2018

BELTEL system integrator is the best partner of Microsoft in Russia in 2018 in the nomination “Big Data Analytics”. The company won this nomination with the solution that helps to control emissions of coke oven gases by using analytic methods and working with Big Data on the basis of Microsoft Azure services.

BELTEL has been a reliable Microsoft partner for many years. In early 2017, integrator created “Datanomics” division to work on Industrial Internet of Things and Big Data projects. During the first year of operation, the company introduced five products for demand forecasting, automatic shelf monitoring, industrial video analytics and other solutions for enterprises that are ready to enter Industry 4.0.

For the Microsoft Partner Awards 2018, BELTEL Datanomics team presented a solution for environmental monitoring in the steel industry, developed for the leading Russian metallurgical company. In the process of coke-chemical production, harmful emissions of coke oven gas occur. Timely detection and notification of the occurrence of emissions can reduce their number, as well as reduce the likelihood of emergencies. The solution is based on the Datanomics Industrial Video Analytics (DIVA) product, which allows to use artificial intelligence to process video from security cameras in order to detect the occurrence of gas emissions with subsequent automatic notification.

“Our team creates products for business using Big Data analytics, and the development of cloud computing and Microsoft Azure services makes such products available not only for corporations, but also for small and medium-sized businesses,” says Anna Plemyashova, Director for Corporate Strategy and Development of BELTEL.

“We always set ambitious goals. Utilization of Big Data to solve not only commercial challenges, but also to take care of the environment is one of the priority areas that we will continue to develop, “says Kirill Tsutskarev, General Director of BELTEL.

“BELTEL is a partner you can rely on because once they chose an innovative but risky way, they did not go of piste and clearly see ways to achieve their goals. I am confident that in the upcoming year we will not give the pas in Data & AI solutions, “says Sergei Nagorny, Expert in Technology Business Solutions, Data Platform & AI Microsoft.



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