BORENIUS: Interactive Sanctions Map

Sanctions at a glance

Sanctions Map.

For ease of reference, the Sanctions Map is broadly broken down in two categories:

  • Sanctions against Russia, i.e. the countries who have introduced and maintain sanctions against Russia
  • Russian sanctions, i.e. the countries Russia has imposed and maintain sanctions on. Also, you can scroll down the list of individual countries for your reference below.

The Sanctions Map gives you a general high-profile understanding of sanctions-related basics. As sanctions particularities evolve constantly, you are advised to do an update check regularly. The Sanctions Map is not designed to comprehensively cover all the nuances of sanctions regulations of a specific country given. Instead, it serves as a useful tool for initial knowledge of sanctions regulations and a geographic picture of the countries concerned.

Should you be interested in learning more, or have a specific sanctions-related question, please contact us.

Sanctions map

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