Business Breakfast: Tax And Currency Legislation Update 2020, Case Law Review

On February, 26th Mazars and SPIBA hosted a business breakfast on “Tax and Currency Legislation Update 2020, Case Law Review” at the Hotel Indigo St.Petersburg-Tchaikovskogo

The speakers were Alexander Simonov, Senior Tax Manager (Mazars), Elvira Danilova, Legal Manager (Mazars), and Alexander Grinko, Tax Dispute Resolution Manager (Mazars).

During the event the experts considered the following issues:

  • The main tax law changes: CPT, VAT, property tax, international law (MLI);
  • The latest amendments to the currency regulation and currency control;
  • Court case law trends on the issue of the unjustified tax benefit concept and the General Anti-Avoidance Rules stipulated by the Article 54.1 of the Tax Code RF;
  • Court case law on the relevant issues of taxation.

The business breakfast ended up with interactive Q&A and networking session.

Over 40 representatives of industrial enterprises, production sites, banking, IT, logistics and service sectors attended the event.


Mazars in Russia is an international company providing services in the field of audit, accounting support, valuation, tax, legal and other types of consulting.

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