Business News Agency: 25.11.21 Conference “Business transformation in Russia in 20 years”

Conference “Business transformation in Russia in 20 years”

Date: Thursday, November 25th 2021

Adress: Russia, 191036, St. Petersburg, Suvorovsky ave., 18. Emerald Hotel

Event format

An offline event consisting of 2 parts with a coffee break.

Duration of the event from 12:00 pm to 15:20 pm. At the end of the business part, a festive buffet on occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Business News Agency.


Audience 75+

Deputies of state authorities of St. Petersburg, occupiers and owners of companies, top management, department heads of PR, GR departments, advertisement and marketing of Russian and international companies of St. Petersburg, development directors, representatives of legal, IT – companies, audit companies, analysts, specialized associations and unions, representatives of the media.


  • How did St. Petersburg’s investment climate changed? What measures are being taken to improve the investment climate now?
  • 20 years of Russian business, according to ABN (Results of 20 years in various business sectors).
  • Digital Business Transformation: Stories of success.


14:30–16:00. Session 1. ABN: 20 years of Russian business

Topics of discussion:

How the investment climate of St. Petersburg has changed. What measures are being taken to improve the investment climate now?

  • Tax and legal events 2021. What can business adapt to now?
  • Overview of St. Petersburg labor market. How has the market changed and what awaits us in the future?
  • Tourism of St. Petersburg: new locations for 20 years. St. Petersburg as a tourist center of Russia.
  • What health care reform has led to, and what kind of medicine does society need?
  • How has the construction business of St. Petersburg changed over the past 20 years? What does the buyer expect now?
  • How did the Russian auto industry change? New growth points.
  • 20 years of retail in Russia: from stalls to modern stores. What does the customer want now?
  • How did Russia’s telecommunications revolutionize in 20 years? What are the prospects for the future?
  • The evolution of small and medium-sized businesses. 

6:00–16:20. Coffee break.

16:20–17:50. Session 2. Digital Business Transformation – Stories of success.

Digital business transitions from offline to online. Stories of success

The focus of the session is the success story of St. Petersburg and Russian businessmen on the transformation of business from offline to online. As part of the session, we will discuss the current histories of transformation across different industries, automation of business processes, innovative technologies, the introduction of which allowed to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve the financial results of companies in various industries and bring their companies to new levels.

Our speakers:

  • Denis Kotov, the Bukvoed
  • Vladimir Marinovich, expert on digital business transformation Kachkin and Partners
  • Vitaly Svidovsky, Teremok


We also plan to invite representatives (X5retail Group, Megafon, MTS, Rostelecom)

  • Alexander Abrosimov, Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg, Administration of St. Petersburg
  • Roman Golovanov, Chairman, St. Petersburg Investment Committee Sergey Korneev, Chairman, St. Petersburg Tourism Development Committee
  • Dmitry Cherneyko, Chairman. Committee on Labor and Employment of the Population of St. Petersburg
  • Alexey Fedorov, co-owner and Managing Partner, 220V
  • Igor Kirichenko, CEO, Member of the Board of Directors of NAUMEN



18:00: 20:00. Festive buffet on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the ABN.



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