Capital Legal Services becomes official partner of Night of the AD Eaters

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Capital Legal Services becomes official partner of Night of the AD Eaters

TWIN Media and Capital Legal Services have signed an agreement under which the unique project of The Night of the AD Eaters acquired a legal partner.

The annual ad show is taking place throughout Russia for the 19th time already, with the tour completing on February 16, 2018. It is due to take place in St. Petersburg on December 16, at the Oktyabrsky Grand Concert Hall.

The Night of the AD Eaters is a world-class screen event, where advertisements filmed at different times in different countries are shown. The unique project is a show on the big screen played throughout the night, with three blocks of one-and-a-half hours each being played not as advertisements, but as works of art. The owner of the largest ad collection in the world, author of The Night of the AD Eaters and co-owner of The Night of the AD Eaters brand is a Frenchman named Jean Marie Boursicot.

The group of associates from Capital Legal Services, headed by Senior Associate Elena Berger, will be protecting TWIN Media’s interests in all issues related to IP protection. Because of the special nature of the show, legal protection in this area is most vital for TWIN Media.

The associates of Capital Legal Services have already started work on a particular case where TWIN Media’s rights were violated. On September 29, 2017, a program titled Evening of the Ad Eaters was aired as part of Andrey Malakhov’s talk show On the Air with Andrey Malakhov. Even though the talk show’s producers were notified that by naming the program this way they are violating rights of the trademark owner, they ignored the notice. At present, a lawsuit has been filed on protection of rights.


About Capital Legal Services

Capital Legal Services is among the leading Russian law firms providing legal support for Russian and foreign companies since 1999. In the long years of work, our firm has earned an impeccable reputation on the market, as well as clients’ trust, based on an enormous number of successfully completed projects.

Our clients are major international and Russian companies from different industries. Working with regional and international law firms allows Capital Legal Services to support the implementation of our clients’ projects in Russia, CIS and other world countries.

About TWIN Media

The TWIN Media advertising agency started work on the St. Petersburg advertising market in 1996, providing a full set of services. Gradually, some areas became particularly favored, such as BTL marketing, event marketing, graphics design and movie projects.

The level of the agency’s events held is well-known to advertisers in Russia and neighboring countries thanks to the cult project of The Night of the AD Eaters. Since 1998, TWIN Media is the official representative of Cinematheque Jean Marie Boursicot, the only repository of advertisement films in the world. The agency has official rights to the French project of The Night of the AD Eaters in Russia and in several neighboring countries.


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