Capital Legal Services strengthens its international practice

It has never been an easy task for a Russian business to build mutually beneficial relations with a partner from the Asian region due to a difference in the language, the way of thinking, communication culture, attitude toward the law and toward foreign partners in general.

In such a situation, you need not just a translator, but an advisor who can read between the lines and get to the core of the words and actions (or their absence), find the right approach and establish long-term relations.

Capital Legal Services is happy to announce that starting February 2023 we are strengthening our international practice and welcome Aleksandr Bykov, the Head of the East Asian practice. Since 2010, Alexander has been advising clients on practical application of Chinese commercial and corporate laws and representing clients before People’s Courts of China and arbitration commissions. He also has vast experience in court and out-of-court dispute resolution

Together with Alexander, lawyers, associates and translators, as well as specialists working directly in the region, have joined our team.

Our experts know everything about the pragmatic and business-oriented approach and help clients not get lost during time-consuming discussions and negotiations with East Asian partners. We know how to help clients choose an investment region, relocate their business, properly structure a company, find and vet partners, establish supply chains, develop a financing scheme, resolve currency, tax and customs issues, protect their intellectual property and much more.

“Alexander Bykov and his team possess the unique expertise in providing services in East Asia, which is in high demand. Without a doubt, opening this new practice at CLS will significantly expand our clients’ opportunities and allow them to enter new markets, while being confident that they are protected legally and administratively to the greatest extent possible,” comments Vladislav Zabrodin, CLS Managing Partner.

“I am certain that together with my CLS colleagues we will be able to achieve more and take our work to a whole new level. Our goal is to provide comprehensive legal support to our clients in China, Hong Kong and other East Asian jurisdictions,” says Alexander Bykov, Head of the practice.

Read more about how we provide support for projects in East Asia here.

Should you have any questions regarding business development in the East Asian region, please contact us at, and we will be happy to help.

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