Capital Legal Services supports the international Memorial Garden event

The staff of Capital Legal Services joined the Memorial Garden event dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. As part of the event, on April 30, the participants planted barberry, lilac and jasmine bushes in a courtyard of a historical building on Troitsky Square.

The international event to commemorate the 27 million people that died in the war presumes planting 27 million green plants all over the country, each of which symbolizes the memory and gratitude of the peaceful generations. The participants planted bushes in the courtyard at 1 Troitsky Square, the first administrative center of the city.

“This location not only combines the landmarks from different eras, but is also very close to the company’s new office in St. Petersburg to which we moved last summer. The Memorial Garden event is a harmonious continuation of the company’s initiatives taken as part of the corporate Year of the Environment,” Capital Legal Services notes.


The event took place with support from the Head of the Posadsky municipal district.

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