Coca-Cola Russia: 9.07.20 SUSTAINABILITY CONFERENCE 2020



Sustainable development – sources, progress and perspectives in Russia and global trends.


On July 9, from 10:00 AM until 03:30 PM, a series of business discussions initiated by Coca-Cola Russia will be held. The discussion concerns the sustainable development as a new competitive factor nowadays and its perspectives tomorrow.  


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9:30 AM       Gathering of the participants, active on-line chat

10:00 AM      Intro, welcome remarks by Aleksandar Ruzevic, General Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Russia

10:05AM-10:45AM Cross interviews:

·          Global Coca-Cola Sustainability Strategy;

·          Sustainable Development Strategy in Russia: Priorities, achievements and challenges. Presentation of the key 2019 report sections.


·        Andrey Sharonov (moderator), President, Moscow business school “Skolkovo”.

·        Aleksandar Ruzhevic, General Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Russia.

·        Therese Noorlander, Sustainability Director for Europe, The Coca-Cola Company.

·        Michael Dickstein, Sustainability Director, Coca-Cola HBC AG


10:25-10:45 Sustainability Strategy in Russia, Presentation of 2019 Report – Aleksandar Ruzhevic  + Moderator


10:45AM-11:45AM Mindset group discussion on Trends and perspectives of sustainable development in new reality:

·          The impact of COVID on sustainable development practices: whether the current changes are strategic or tactical?

·          Transformation of social investments: what has changed during the pandemic and are the priorities really new?

·          The strength in unity: how the crisis accelerated the development of public-private, cross-sectoral, and non-profit partnerships.

·          New normal: what awaits the companies after COVID and what sustainable development trends we will witness in 2020-2021.

·          Alternative to the UN SDGs: Whether the crisis has affected the list of Russia’s sustainable development goals.



·        Andrey Sharonov (moderator), President, Moscow business school “Skolkovo”

·        Igor Shekhterman, Chief Executive Officer, Member of X5 Retail Group Management Board, Member of Alfa Group Consortium Supervisory Board, Member of the Presidium of the Association of Retail Companies.

·        Yan Dunning, President and General Director at Magnit, PJSC.

·        Vladimir Mau, Rector of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

·        Alexander Krivolapov, Tetra Pak General Director in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Central Asia, and the Caucasus.

·        Pavel Lyakhovich, Board Member , Managing Director, SIBUR, LLC.

·        Irina Zhukova, Chairperson of the National Council of Corporate Volunteering, Director for Corporate Programs and Sustainable Development, Philip Morris International in Russia.


11:45 PM-

12:00 PM

Coke break


12:00PM01:00PM Expert discussion. Self-regulation as a trend: how self-regulatory commitments can make a difference on the consumer market (by example of the beverages drinks market).

·        How self-regulation trend in the European Union food and beverages sector was developing and how initiatives of the beverage producers aimed to reduce calories and sugar influenced the European consumer market.

·        How self-regulation trend came to Russia and what beverage manufacturers did to help the state achieve its goals of developing a more balanced diet for Russians and reducing sugar consumption.

·        What impact such initiatives have on consumer preferences in terms of beverages.

·        And what additional opportunities in terms of beverage production self-regulation provides.



·        Maria Kelembet (moderator), Chairperson of the Self-Regulation Committee, Association of Manufactures of Non-alcoholic Drinks and Mineral Water (SPBN), Senior Government Relations Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Russia.

·        Nicholas Hodac, General Director at UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe.

·        Maxim Novikov, President, Association of Manufactures of Non-alcoholic Drinks and Mineral Water.

·        Anna Popova, Head of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being (Rospotrebnadzor).

·        Oxana Lut, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

·        Mikhail Bogomolov, President of the Russian Diabetes Association.

·        Oleg Pavlov, Chairperson of Public Consumer Initiative, the Public Organization for Consumer Rights Protection.

·        Natalya Alipkina, Marketing Director, Chernogolovka Group of Companies.


01:00PM02:00PM Youth education and development: supporting youth in the labor market, developing its potential.

·        What skills nowadays are still the most relevant and demanded by employers

·        How to create conditions for the development of innovative and entrepreneurial youth activity

·        What are the development scenarios for online education tools and what new opportunities online learning provides to young people

·        How business can help the development of the youth potential and future leaders

·        What will happen to the youth labor market: trends and forecasts.

·        Entrepreneurship or a company career: what is the best future for young people.



·        Elizaveta Troyanova (moderator), Director of the Career Center at Higher School of Management under Saint-Petersburg State University.

·        Anatoly Zorin, Director of the Russian Center for Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship.

·        Leonid Vasiliev, Director of Additional Vocational Education Programs at Higher School of Management under Saint-Petersburg State University.

·        Roman Shkut, Head of the Moscow Employment Center (“My Job”).

·        Irina Svyatitskaya, Head of Youth Employment Department at

·        Irina Shcherbakova, Employer Branding Manager at Coca-Cola HBC Russia.

·        Natalia Safronova, Associate Professor, Marketing Department, Industry Management Institute at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

·        Evgenia Kozhevnikova, Head of the Ticket to the Future Project, World Skills Russia.

·        Nikita Litvinov, Global Shapers Moscow Hub.


02:00PM03:00PM Humanitarian aid: how to unite the efforts of the public authorities, NGOs, volunteer centers and businesses on the example of the coronavirus pandemic.

·        What types of humanitarian aid were in demand during the pandemic?

·        How to ensure prompt humanitarian aid?

·        What should be volunteering infrastructure to provide humanitarian aid?

·        How to involve employees in providing humanitarian aid?

·        What will change after passing of the bill on amendments to the Tax Code in terms of charity? What barriers still remain?

·        What innovations of the pandemic period can survive in the “time of peace”?



·        Anastasia Grigoryeva (moderator), Head of the Community Care Project, Pyaterochka Federal Retail Network.

·        Katerina Antonevich, Expert at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Liaison Office with the Russian Federation in Moscow.

·        Nadezhda Galaktionova, Head of the Sustainable Business Development Department of the Magnit Family Store.

·        Elena Ivanitskaya, Deputy Director of the Department of Strategic Development and Innovation of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

·        Sergey Kobets, Head of International Department of the Russian Red Cross.

·        Elena Kovaleva, Sustainability and Community Engagement Manager in Russia and Belarus, The Coca-Cola Company.

·        Julia Nazarova, President of the RUS Food Bank.

·        Dmitry Polikanov, Deputy Head of the All-Russia Popular Front Federal Executive Committee.

·        Vasily Fokin, Sustainable Development Manager Danone in Russia and CIS.


03:00PM03:30PM Practical panel – World Without Waste: real practice here and now.

·        World Without Waster global strategy – achievements and current challenges

·        EPR – best practices from other markets

·        ‘Separate with Us’ – successful local recovery program by Coca-Cola and partners

·        Kazan – first zero waste city in Russia. Results and importance for the local community.


·        Elena Kovaleva (moderator), Sustainability and Community Engagement Manager in Russia and Belarus, The Coca-Cola Company (Moderator)

·        Ben Jordan, Senior Director, Global Environmental Policy, The Coca-Cola Company.

·        Marat Zakirov, Director of the Directorate of Kazan Parks and Public Gardens.

·        Konstantin Rzaev, Managing Director, EcoTechnology Group of Companies.


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