CTS Engtec has launched new webpages

Over the past couple of years, the CTS Engtec* group has grown, our range of services has expanded and diversified. Now we have launched our new website where you can find out information about all the opportinities of our company.

Welcome to our new website www.ctsengtec.ru

The redesign of the website has improved both the content and structure in order to provide better understanding about our services. The new design idea was based on making the necessary information as simple and convenient as possible for all users. The new site will allow you to quickly find the necessary introductory information about our company. The website has become faster and more modern, it is safe and adaptive. The website is convenient to visit from any device: PCs, tablets, cellphones, etc.


* CTS Engtec is a modern global design company that provides industrial design, consulting, engineering services, calculates investments, and performs other technical services in different industries using highly qualified Russian and Finnish engineering staff and modern western technologies, design tools, as well as effective management.

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