Cultural news! Carillon bell “From Antwerp to Saint Petersburg”

Bart De Wever, the Mayor of Antwerp, has presented this bell as a gift to the Peter and Paul Cathedral. He met with the governor of Saint Petersburg, Mr. A. Beglov, and signed an agreement for Socio-Economic, Scientific, Technical, Humanitarian and Cultural Cooperation. These relations between cities exist since 1958!

This carillon bell was especially made for the mobile carillon of Saint Petersburg with the inscription “Van Antwerpen voor Sint-Petersburg” (“From Antwerp to Saint Petersburg”).

The carillon bell is made of bronze and weighs 59 kg, has a diameter of 440 mm and is 376 mm high. A unique gift symbolizing harmony and solidarity. The mobile carillon was introduced in Russia by Peter the Great in the 18th century after a visit to Antwerp in 1717 and is in the tower of the Peter and Paul Cathedral where the bells are sounded representing an important aspect of the Flemish culture. Carillon is a typical art form recognized by UNESCO in 2014 as “intangible cultural heritage”.

We are proud to have facilitated the careful transport and customs clearance of the bell and wish our two cities many more prosperous years to come!

The bell was cast by the Koninklijke Gieterij Eijsbouts Asten, Netherlands.


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