Forte Tax& Law: Entry to Russia for foreign highly qualified specialists (HQS) under COVID-19 restrictions

HQS currently in Russia may also apply for entry permits

Covid-19 changed our lives in 2020. Many highly qualified specialists (HQS) departed Russia to their home countries in March 2020, hoping to return to Russia already in June 2020.

As worldwide Covid-19 restrictions seem to remain in place month after month, it has become very difficult to enter Russia again, but business does not wait.

Forte Tax & Law lawyers have been ranked among the best lawyers in Russia, and they look forward to assisting you in returning to Russia.

Russian government decrees No. 635 dated March 16, 2020 and No. 1671-p dated June 25, 2020 set out that HQS are allowed to enter Russia.

We offer to HQS a complete return entry package to Russia which entails handling all documentation and negotiations with local authorities. We re-open the door to Russia for you, so you can concentrate on business and leave all the formalities to us. We will return any paid service fee if entry to Russia is declined through our fault. If, however, an HQS does not pass the checks conducted by security bodies, the service fee will not be returned.


  • Documentation collection and processing
  • Documentation guidelines
  • Negotiations with local authorities
  • Follow up until document issuance (last stage)
  • Monitoring legislation changes
  • Official schedule for local authorities to issue a permit to entry for Russia: 20-30 days
  • NOTE: Local authorities will consider only foreign nationals holding a valid highly qualified specialist visa

We advise not to delay your entry to Russia in view of the continuously changing entry legislation and restrictions in Russia. Your presence is needed.

A double-entry option could also be arranged separately.

Call or send us an e-mail already now and secure a safe return to Russia after your holidays.

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