Forum “Strategize 2024”

“Land of the Strategist” team invites you to a forum on team strategy development called “Strategize 2024,” which will take place on November 10-11, 2023, in Moscow.


Open strategy session with CEOs and key leaders from companies: Sanofi, AGC, Positive Technologies, VTB, Splat, Pulkovo, Ekonomika, GPB, and Persona. 

Collaborative work with leaders from various industries, exploring business development opportunities, discussing trends and scenarios for 2024, shaping your development strategy, and identifying game-changing projects.

Each attendee will receive:

  • A canvas for their company’s strategy
  • Best practices for their industry
  • Breakthrough points for their business
  • New connections with leaders from diverse sectors and much more.

Key topics for discussion: digitalization, workforce management, partnerships, business continuity, dynamic resilience, and others.

The forum is organized by the “Land of the Strategist” team, with Philip Guzenyuk serving as the host. Philip Guzenyuk is a coach to top executives featured on Forbes’ list and a partner at “Land of the Strategist” and the Coaching Institute. He is also the author of “Happiness in Business” project.


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