GMCS: RUSAL digitized HR processes based on WebSoft HCM

UC RUSAL (SEHK: 486, Euronext: RUSAL/RUAL, Moscow Exchange: RUALR), a leading global aluminium producer, will manage human capital based on the Russian WebSoft HCM platform. HR-Tech project was implemented jointly with GMCS company.

The system covers 50,000 RUSAL employees. At the same time, about 30 thousand production personnel are connected to classrooms.

In 7 months, RUSAL’s ten main talent management processes were unified and digitized on the basis of a single WebSoft HCM platform. These are personnel training and development, competence assessment, talent pool management, adaptation, including remote employees.

The system has an end-to-end and transparent process of personnel management and development. Each employee got the opportunity to more effectively manage his professional growth and personal development, to maintain and master the necessary skills and competencies, relying on the results of passed tests, assessments and formed individual development plans.

“RUSAL is implementing a digitalization program at all levels, and the HR project is a logical component of this large-scale process. We are pleased with the results of the project. The HR processes of the group have been unified and standardized within a single platform, which is a reliable digital foundation for further deeper transformation. Now we are focused on distance learning, considering the formed competency models. The next step will be the more ambitious task of automating strategic management and establishing qualitatively different communications between the management team and line personnel,” says Natalya Albrekht, Deputy CEO of RUSAL for Human Resources.

WebSoft HCM is integrated with RUSAL’s unified HR system, external evaluation centers, and an internal authorization system (single-entry system). Thanks to the dual-loop architecture, employees can safely work with the system, use their personal account, undergo training and perform other actions both from a computer and from mobile devices.

As part of the project development, WebSoft HCM will automate the processes of assessing the goals and performance of employees to increase the involvement of personnel in the implementation of the company’s development strategy.

Considering the volume of HR processes, the automation has been done at super speeds. This became possible largely due to the high involvement and comprehensive support of RUSAL. At the moment, we are performing tasks for the system development, relying on feedback and the first user experience,” said Galina Khruslova, Head of the HR Solutions Division at GMCS.




RUSAL ( is the leader in the global aluminum industry. The company was founded in 2000 by Oleg Deripaska. In 2020, the company accounted for about 5.8% of global aluminum production and 6.5% of alumina. RUSAL is present in 20 countries of the world on 5 continents. RUSAL’s common shares are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (trade code 486). RUSAL’s common shares are traded on the Moscow Stock Exchange (trade code RUAL).

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