GMCS: TUI Russia has reduced the time for processing client requests by 80% using Microsoft Dynamics 365 online

The introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 made it possible to create a single digital source of data and analytics about consumers. As a result, the travel company TUI Russia managed to reduce the time for processing client requests by 80% and minimize business losses during the pandemic.

Travel company TUI Russia together with Microsoft and IT company GMCS has implemented a cloud CRM system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 online. The solution allowed the tour operator to create a single source of customer data. As a result, the company received a detailed picture of customer relations, consolidated all sales channels and made sales truly digital. It also cut down operational costs and built better relationships with its partners (multiple franchisees). In addition, the timely deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 allowed TUI to minimize business losses that arose as a result of the limitations of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Dynamics 365 helped us decrease the time and costs for processing customer requests by 80 percent. The new system also made it possible to unify more than 15 lead generation sources and evenly distribute and process them, controlling the conversion. With the CRM system, various departments and partners could communicate ‘in the same language’ while using a single source of data management and reporting. It really helped reduce the time needed to collect and analyze information of different profiles,” comments Timur Ragimov, CRM Project Manager at TUI Russia.

The company also dramatically improved and sped up customer feedback collection by introducing Customer Voice. With real, up-to-date massive data from customers, spotting problematic areas became easier. This contributed to the transparency in partner relations and enabled more data-based decision making during the company transformation.

“The technology stack of the solution, in addition to Microsoft Dynamics 365, includes Power Platform tools, with which the integration of numerous external and internal systems has been reduced several times. The flexible capabilities of the Dynamics 365 platform allow TUI Russia employees to independently create dashboards and individual views for operational control of the departments’ work and analysis of their business processes. At this stage, the launch of new useful services for the customer’s employees and franchisees continues,” adds Elena Mosyazh, Business Development Director of GMCS.

The future roadmap will also involve Azure predictive analytics tools to help form clients’ portraits using behavioral metrics. On the customer’s end, it will manage the extra services bundles and budgets when booking hotel rooms.

About TUI Russia
TUI Russia ( is one of the leading travel companies in Russia, including a tour operator and a network of travel agencies. TUI Russia was founded in 2009 on the basis of Russian tour operators VKO Group and Mostravel as a joint venture of the Russian Severgroup company and the international tourist holding TUI Group.

Since March 2021, 100% of the company has come under the control of LLC “KN-HOLDING”. The TUI Russia retail network includes more than 700 travel agencies of their own and under a franchise agreement. The company offers beach, sightseeing and ski holidays in mass tourist destinations, organizes tours based on charter and regular transportation.

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