International Communications Forum Baltic Weekend 2023 Will be Presented to the Participants in New Colors

Art Director of SPN Communications — Yulia Sakova told about the rebranding of the main PR event of the industry — Baltic Weekend 2023.

The Baltic Weekend Forum is known to every specialist in the communications market, but not everyone knows that over the 22 years of its existence, the Forum’s corporate identity has changed 7 times. And 2023 was no exception.

As the Art Director of SPN Communications emphasized: “The communications market is about stability, courage and brightness. We have reflected these three pillars in the new corporate style of the main communications forum in Russia – Baltic Weekend”.


Symbolism! Not abstractness.

A significant change in the image of BW was the use of semiotics as the main elements of design. What but symbols help the brand to convey the main ideas and meanings to the client.   

To keep the forum design associated with communication, such graphic elements as: quotes, match bubble, play were used. The designers did not forget about the city where BW started and for 22 years has not left the Northern capital, which is the favorite of all, the mention of which immediately draws in the mind the majestic architecture and waves of the Neva.

The element “rays of the sun” combines several meanings. The color is based on the official coloring of the PROBA Awards, which has been held for 24 years as part of the Baltic Weekend 2023 forum. Also, the designers skillfully reflected the time of the forum. The color of the element is reminiscent of the foliage, which by September 21 acquires a shade of ochre, and the sun rays convey the warmth of the first autumn month.


Neo-geometric conceptualism, or in short, Neo-geo.

This style combines geometry, playfulness, strictness, brightness and minimalism. 

Behind the elements there is a subtle design that attracts attention. Geometry and contrasting colors create a recognizable and native brand image that stands out from the crowd. Such visual design intrigues, makes you think, and this is the main criterion for establishing an emotional connection between the brand and customers.

The visual design of the XXIII International Forum on Communications Baltic Weekend consists of large, confident figures and bright colors, which reflects a clear sense of control over the situation. The design conveys the character of the communications industry – there is no chaos, no irrationality, but there is plenty of efficiency and confidence! 

Each detail of the new color and image of BW contains a unique set of meanings, which together with the overall style demonstrates that BW will always be an island of stability – after all, the famous hashtag #bwforever was invented by the participants themselves!


Baltic Weekend Forum will take place on September 21-22 in St. Petersburg. You can apply for participation on the official website.

Award organizer: SPN Communications agency
Official partner of Baltic Weekend 2023: Security Code
Media partners: TASS, PR News, Argumenty & Fakty,,, ADPASS, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Ria Novosti, Izolenta Live, RAMBLER & Co.
Association partners: RAOS, RASO, REMA, SPIBA, Small Agencies Hub, REPA, Managers Association.

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