Legal Aspects of Blogging: a Free Course for Content Creators from CLS Lawyers

Today, having a blog, podcast or channel is not just a hobby, but a full-fledged business that brings substantial income and at the same time the risks tied to entrepreneurial activity.

Capital Legal Services is announcing a series of free weekly webinars for bloggers and creators of digital content, where we will examine step by step all the aspects of organizing blogger activity.

 At the webinars, we will discuss:

  • How to document and protect intellectual property rights;
  • Tax, administrative and criminal risks and ways to minimize them;
  • Requirements concerning the rules for placing and marking advertisements.

The webinars will be useful for all creators of digital content – not just influencer bloggers, but also for people involved in the production, creation and development of a blog, podcast or channel and posting content on public resources on the Internet, in particular, on social networks.

Please find below the details of the full webinar cycle, to take place weekly on Tuesdays starting November 14:

November 14, 2023:

  • “Blogging: how to protect your intellectual property and not violate other people’s rights”

November 21, 2023:

  • “The blog tax: how to account for tax risks in blogging and avoid additional taxes being assessed”

November 28, 2023:

  • “Criminal liability: what to be prepared for and how to behave if the police have arrived”

December 5, 2023:

  • “Administrative liability: how to minimize risks of administrative liability for violations when blogging”

December 12, 2023:

  • “Advertisement: what is advertisement on the Internet, what can be advertised and where and how to avoid fines”

To register for this free event, please click here.

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