Look@Levashovsky Khlebozavod: Reviews of Participants

On July 24, 2023, the developer company RBI Group invited SPIBA and its members to the recently opened cultural and business space “Levashovsky Khlebozavod” in the format of SPIBA Look@.

Source: RBI Group

The Levashovsky Khlebozavod is a unique example of constructivist architecture and a symbolic landmark for St. Petersburg. During the Great War, it never ceased its operations for a single day. Even during the most challenging days of the blockade, the factory continued to produce bread, using manual drives when electricity was cut off.

Despite the building’s significant importance to St. Petersburg, its condition was dilapidated. The RBI Group took on a tremendous responsibility to revive the memory of this beautiful place, preserving its history while making it functional.

The tour of the space evoked various emotions and impressions from the participants, which we would like to share:

Thank you for organizing the visit as part of Look@ to RBI’s new creative office space. It’s an amazing blend of modern office space design and, at the same time, a journey into the history of the besieged Leningrad. This page of the city’s history always brings tears to our eyes. Thank you for honoring and respecting the great history of our city.

— Nelly Aleynikova, Maris

Thank you so much for the wonderful tour and for this whole wonderful project.
It is amazing how carefully and with what taste RBI performed the restoration of the Levashovsky Khlebozavod. This is a worthy continuation of the best St. Petersburg architectural traditions, finally, it is not a shame for the contribution of our generation to the urban environment. The monument of constructivism, the monument to the besieged Leningrad and the modern cultural center are a wonderful gift to all residents of Petrogradka.
Thank you so much for this wonderful excursion and for this wonderful project in general.

— Galina Vasilyeva, Wurth

Reconstructing old industrial buildings and repurposing them for new uses is a well-established global trend. It showcases respect for the history of these places, care for the local communities, and much more.

In St. Petersburg, with its vast industrial zones, each of these projects deserves attention. Moreover, the adherence to legislation regarding the protection of architectural heritage makes them even more valuable.

I’m delighted that in St. Petersburg, there are strong individuals and companies like RBI, who include in their business plans the reconstruction of historical heritage and the creation of new public spaces, accessible to everyone.

The results of the work of all those involved in the Levashovsky Khlebozavod reconstruction project have truly impressed me.

A special thank you for providing a fresh perspective on the heroic feat of “The Leningrad Blockade.” It deeply resonates in the heart and soul!

— Peeter Kehva, Kappa RUS


SPIBA and the participants of the Look@Levashovsky Khlebozavod event extend their gratitude to RBI Group for the invitation and engaging tour. For those interested in visiting the cultural and business space and witnessing the scale of the accomplished work, the doors of the “Levashovsky Khlebozavod” are open for free visits daily from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

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