Maxima Legal has strengthened its team and expanded its tax practice expertise with administrative law issues

Nikita Deynega, an expert in Russian and international taxation as well as customs and antimonopoly regulation, has joined Maxima Legal. As a Senior associate, Nikita led the firm’s tax practice, which started also cover a wide range of administrative law matters.

Nikita has more than 12 years’ experience in the legal sphere. Prior to joining Maxima Legal, Nikita worked at Gazprom Neft PJSC. As in-house lawyer Nikita specialized in tax, customs and antitrust disputes resolutions. A positive economic effect of disputes settled by Nikita was over than 20 billion RUB.  The lawyer also provided consulting support to the company’s in-house legal service clients, including top finance executives.

His litigation experience covers successful representation in commercial courts, including The Russian highest courts, such as the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. The expert had been involved in the drafting of precedent legal positions on certain categories of cases, which are now used by a wide range of law enforcers.

Nikita’s areas of expertise also include the assessment of compliance of business conduct with tax, customs and antimonopoly law, analysis of the application of statutory preferences, and identification of tax reserves.

In addition, tax and administrative team led by Nikita will continue advising clients on a wide range of Russian international and cross-border tax matters related to both ongoing operational and project activities, including investments and M&A transactions.


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