Meet-Up «Doing Business in a Geopolitical Storm: Retaining Stability and Minimizing Risks»

Regardless of the current geopolitical background, small and medium business continues to carry on, meeting new challenges and risks. Yet even the simplest and routine procedures in a setting of uncertainty can become a true test. Who bears the risk of the lack of opportunity to use leased property? What should a tenant do in such a situation and how should a landlord react? If a company has no income, can you place a factory/sale worker in idle mode? Finally, what do you do with unpredictable and avalanche-like administrative fines pertaining to a company’s military recordkeeping obligations?

The Capital Legal Services team invites you to an informal business brunch on 26th of September (offline format), where we will put politics and recent news aside and will try to deal with complex issues that businesses face today. The main focus of the event will be civil law, administrative law and labor relations in today’s factual conditions. The overall goal is to draw up a road map for protecting your business in a time of turbulence.

Our experts are open for discussion and, in addition to topics prepared in advance, are ready to discuss your questions in a networking format with a glass of sparkling wine in hand.

In vino veritas!

The event topics in detail:

  • Drone strikes: working with risks tied to damage and destruction of property as a result of drones falling;
  • To give or not to give: what to do if property is being withdrawn for military needs;
  • Street riots: legal protection for a company being a party to a lease agreement;
  • Curfew: labor relations under restrictions;
  • Turbulent times: who bears the risk for damage to business, including before the authorities.

Registration here (in Russian).

* Event is closed to legal consultants.

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