Rumyantsev Legal, Attorneys at Law

Rumyantsev Legal, Attorneys at Law
Business Name: Rumyantsev Legal, Attorneys at Law
Business Genre:
Business Phone Number: +7 (812) 627-16-01
Business Address: Office 515, Business Centre “Tempo”, 104 Nevsky Ave., 191025, Saint Petersburg
Business Description:

Rumyantsev Legal Law Office is a Russian law firm located in St. Petersburg. The attorneys and lawyers of the law office have over ten years’ experience of advising Russian and foreign companies on commercial law and rendering legal assistance by representing principals’ interests in state courts throughout Russia. According to the Delovoy Peterburg newspaper, the Bureau’s lawyers have been twice ranked as the best lawyers in the city.

Activities: Legal Services
Products/Services: Core legal practices of the Bureau:
– Commercial practice (Construction contracting; real estate contracting; sales; lease questions; damages, including lost profits);
– Corporate practice (Legal services on establishing companies with a vertical management system; legal services on liquidation of business; preparing corporate agreements of members of limited liability companies and shareholders of joint-stock companies; legal services on resolving disputes and deadlocks between multiple founders and shareholders);
– Legal support for investment transactions (due diligence on and structuring of investments in real estate and ongoing business);
– Settlement of commercial disputes (The Bureau’s lawyers handle cases in state courts throughout Russia. A decent grip of the civil process and the analytical way of presenting information to the court are among our pros.
The amount claimed in cases involving the Bureau’s lawyers totalled more than RUB 4 billion).
Contacts: Osip Rumyantsev, Managing Partner, attorney, head of dispute resolution practice
tel.: +7 (812) 627-16-01
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