Business Name: BusinessGestalt
Business Phone Number: +7(921)7462257
Business Address: St.Petersburg, nab. Obvodnogo kanala, 60
Business Description:

– What is not to be missed, if you want to live a happy life? If you want to be successful?
– What do I want to do in my life, that I do not want to miss. What can I do today to make it happen?
– How can I fix my relationships (with partners, colleagues, others)?

We reflect on these difficult questions and might want to engage an individual work with a professional consultant. BusinessGestalt project offers a possibility of professional psychological counseling while finding YOUR answers.

Activities: Psychological counseling and coaching of people and organizations. Offline & online.
Products/Services: For individuals:
– Psychological counseling, gestalt
– Business coaching;
– Career conseling (HOGAN/MBTI).
For organizations:
– Team audit;
– Working with pairs, small groups and teams;
– Assessment and development of teams: holistic approach.
Open Projects:
– HR supervision:;
– gestalt group counseling.
Contacts: Irina Stepanova, Managing Partner of BusinessGestalt project. Psychologyst, coach, HR. MBTI, HOGAN certified practitioner. 7(921)7462257