YIT Saint-Petersburg

YIT Saint-Petersburg
Business Name: YIT Saint-Petersburg
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Business Phone Number: (812) 336-37-57
Business Fax: +7 (812) 448-9856
Business Address: Primorskiy prospekt 51/1 litera A 197374 St.-Petersburg
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YIT Saint Petersburg, JSC is a regional office of YIT, a Finnish construction concern. The company, which has been in business since 1988, has completed over 190 buildings for various purposes, from gas station chains to wastewater treatment facilities, large plants and factories. YIT Saint Petersburg, JSC today is one of the leading companies on the market of housing construction. Working on the housing market of Saint Petersburg since the early 2000s as a developer, YIT has put into operation some 1.1 million square meters of residential housing (more than 30 residential complexes). The company builds comfort, business and premium class residential buildings in different city districts. At all its construction sites the company acts as customer, general investor and builder, as well as general contractor of housing and commercial real estate. Greenstate industrial park is a private industrial park of YIT Company. As of today, the industrial park has all the general infrastructure, and more than half of the territory has been occupied by industrial facilities of 18residents.
A new project started in Kaluga Region in 2007. The investment contract with the Kaluga Region Government as well as the agreements with local electricity, gas and water suppliers were signed in 2008. The Kaluga Industrial Park is located two hours away from Moscow along a modern M-3 highway.
The pilot plant construction project for the Finnish company Rani Plast was successfully carried out in Kaluga in 2010–2012. The customer invested around 20 mln euros; it was also partly financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The total floor area amounted to 5,400 m2, the height of the main building reached 27 m. The plant production was launched in spring 2012. The plant was opened in September 2012.
In February 2014, the agreement on collaboration with the Kaluga Region Development Сorporation was negotiated. The Agency for Regional Development of Kaluga Region (GAU ARRKO) is the new partner for engaging residents to I-Park in 2019.
A total of some 85 ha are now available for arranging new enterprises on the territory of the Kaluga I-Park (with the sanitary protection zone of up to 500 m).

Activities: Housing construction and apartments sales under the YIT brand.
Infrastructural construction and development of commercial real estate.
Products/Services: Comfort, business and elite classes housing construction in various districts of St. Petersburg.
Sales of the land plots with prepared infrastructure and supplied with necessary engineer communications and capacity. The Industrial Park is located near the southern border of St. Petersburg (1.5 km away from the City Ring Road), 15 minutes from the International Airport Pulkovo and 30 minutes from the seaport St.Petersburg. The park has its own active railway line.
Housing and commercial real estate projects implementation as a general contractor.
Contacts: Aleksandra Savkina,
Marketing & advertising manager,
+ 7 921 347 89 44