Ahlers Rus
Address: Russian Federation, 198323, Leningrad region; Lomonosovsky district – industrial area Gorelovo, quarter 5, Volkhonskoe highway, bld. 2a
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Business Phone Number: +7 (812) 332-67-00
Business Fax: +7 (812) 332-67-01
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Activities: Logistics
Products/Services: International Forwarding, Warehousing services, Contract, Trade, Project Logistics, Customs Broker services
Contacts: Stefan Van Doorslaer, President, +78123326700
Olga Nekrasova, Commercial Manager, tel:+7812 3326700 (ext.2218)
DHL International
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Business Phone Number: +7 (812) 326-64-00
Business Fax: +7 (812) 326-64-10
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DHL Express is one of the leaders of express-delivery and logistics sector on the international level and in Russia. DHL was the first international express-delivery companies established in Russia in 1984 on the territory of the Soviet Union. Today DHL Express services are available more than in 5 000 cities across Russia, about 150 offices of the company are open in more than in 150 biggest cities of the country. DHL Express auto fleet in Russia consists of more than 940 of vehicles. DHL Express is connected with the global network by dedicated regular flights and commercial air flights used by DHL. DHL Express strives to deliver best service, enabling specialized solutions and implementing new technology and being on the cutting edge of the logistics industry of the world.

Activities: Operations facilities: 1. DHL Dedicated daily cargo flight from Saint-Petersburg to Europe 2. 2 sorting terminals in Saint-Petersburg (Pulkovo, Levashovo) 3. Same day delivery opportunity within Saint-Petersburg for pickups ordered before 17:00 4. Late pickup opportunity (until 21:00) 5. Wide network of pickup points, up to 45 offices in Saint-Petersburg 6. Same day delivery to Moscow, next day delivery to Moscow until 9:00, 10:30, 12:00. The opportunity to deliver on the weekend or public holidays; 7. Next day delivery to Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Kazan, Berdsk, Nizhnekamsk, Berezniki, Nizhny Tagil, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Syktyvkar. Next day delivery to Saint-Petersburg from Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk 8. ISO 9001 certificates and TAPA security certificate.
Products/Services: Custom clearance: 1. Minimum times required for custom clearance for exported and imported goods with cost less than 200 euros 2. Next day delivery of shipments from Europe, including customs clearance processes; 3. Custom clearance for all types of shipments, delivered by international air transport; 4. Preliminary customs clearance for imported goods and customs clearance on the day of shipment arrival without its placement to the warehouse of temporary storage; 5. DHL own warehouse of temporary storage, customs broker license 6. Customs carriers’ license, opportunity to deliver shipments under customs’ control to client’s warehouse of temporary storage in Saint-Petersburg and in North-West region using DHL transportation facilities; 7. Competitive prices for services of the custom’s clearance of shipments. Special service: 1. Strategical Parts Center (SPC) service: • Distribution, inventory, storage, documents’ preparation and dispatch of the spare parts; • Urgent delivery inside the city within 2 hours/4 hours/ASAP • Non-working hours delivery; 2. Pick&Pack Service: • Pickup of consolidated shipment and sorting to the directions; • Shipment wrapping, standard and individual shipment wrapping, preparation of covering documentation; • Processing at the terminal and shipment dispatch via global network; • Terminal processing and dispatch of the shipment to the network; • Customized solutions designed to meet the needs of each client. 3. Delivery of medical samples and shipments that need special temperature regimes across Russia and abroad; 4. Wide range of special thermoboxes for shipment wrapping. Solutions for e-commerce and finance sectors: A. Easy-to-use solutions in finance and e-commerce for optimization of clients’ work; • Client’s private office, internet application at MyAccount for access to financial documentation; • Connection to the system of electronic document flow; • Third-party payment opportunity; • Dedicated financial documentation expert to help coordinate questions with payments and initial financial documents; B. In-house developed solutions for cooperation with online-shops, including development of individually-based prices and XML-PI integration with clients’.
Contacts: Antonina Odintsova, WES Area Coordinator, tel:+7 812 3266421
Eurosib Logistics
Address: Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 197046
4, Michurinskaya st.,
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Business Phone Number: (812) 326-81-20
Business Fax: (812) 326-81-10
Business Description:

Since 1992, Eurosib offers full-packaged transport & logistics servicing for key branches of economy.

railway freight carriages in company and leased rolling stock
arrangement of accelerated freight carriages in container trains according to schedule
door-to-door freight carriages on the territory of Russia and abroad using various types of transport
terminal operations and warehousing logistics
services of locomotive traction for industrial enterprises
full-packaged logistical solutions for industry and trade
customs clearance and freight follow-up

Activities: Company has in possession and manages diversified wagon fleet of 14 thousand units of rolling stock, 6 locomotives; operates the own logistics terminal in Novosibirsk.
Products/Services: Eurosib develops competency of an integrated logistical Operator. Leading industrial enterprises and trade networks in Russia, CIS countries entrust us their cargoes.
Hainan Airlines
Address: Russia, St. Petersburg, Nevsky prospekt No.19-Office 21N
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Business Phone Number: +7(499) 973-02-30 +7(495) 660-05-55
Business Description:

Since its beginning, Hainan Airlines has seen 23 years of safe operations and has accumulated over 5 million hours of safe flights maintaining an outstanding safety record and has been listed as one of JACDEC (Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre) the World’s top 10 safest airlines for the third time. Hainan Airlines’ fleet is mainly comprised of Boeing 737s and 787s, and Airbus 330s. As of December 2015, Hainan Airlines has 162 aircrafts in operation, which are used for both passenger and cargo transportation, and provide passengers with individual space in first class, and a spacious new business class.

Business Genre:
Business Phone Number: +7 (499) 755-64-27
Our typical services include following components:
• Managing of information and metadata combined with documents storage – both physical and digital
• Managing and structuring of document flows, regardless of the documents volumes and geography
• Inbound documents flow processing, such as scanning, data extraction, validation, verification, completeness check and other operations
• Managing of physical archives (records management) both on-site & off-site
• Documents physical collection, delivery and retrieval services
• E-documents services
• Software as a service solution for unified hybrid document management
Address: 199106, Russia, St. Petersburg, ploschad Morskoy Slavy, 1
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Business Phone Number: +7 812 702 07 77
Business Description:

MOBY SPL LIMITED is a European ferry operator that was founded in 2016 as a result of an association of the companies ST. PETER LINE and the largest Italian ferry operator Moby Lines.

Since 2010 the company has a strong position among the leading cruise line companies and the ST.PETER LINE brand is known by thousands of Russian and foreign passengers.

Moby Lines, founded in 1959, is an Italian ferry operator that offers routes between the Italian and French mainland and the islands of Elba, Sardinia and Corsica.

The company MOBY SPL LIMITED operates regular cruises between the cities of Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm and St. Petersburg.

Activities: Baltic sea cruises
Products/Services: Sea cruises between St. Petersburg,Tallinn, Stockholm and Helsinki
Contacts: Khanovich Ekaterina
Head of direct and corporate sales department

Sukhotskiy Alexey
Chief Commercial Officer
+7 812 702 07 77
Northern Capital Gateway
Address: Northern Capital Gateway, LLC
Pulkovskoye Shosse
41, lit. ZI
Saint Petersburg, 196140
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Business Phone Number: +7 812 331-49-33
Business Description:

Northern Capital Gateway LLC operates Pulkovo Saint Petersburg airport in Russia. The company offers flight and terminal operations, and ground handling services. It serves domestic and international passengers. The company was incorporated in 2006 and is based in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Address: 18A Petrogradskaya nab., St. Petersburg, 197046
Business Genre:
Business Phone Number: +7 (812) 332 22 00
Business Description:

The largest private rail operator of rolling stock in terms of transportation and market share in the segment of rail transport of oil and oil products.

Products/Services: Transoil provides its clients with a range of effective logistics solutions, including:
– development and implementation of transport and logistics plans
– freight services
– scheduled and one-off provision of rolling stock
– transport and dispatch services
– comprehensive transport and logistics services for the transport of oil-related products to the ports of Ust-Luga and Novorossiysk
– monitoring of freight progress by the control office
– provision of real-time information to clients
– representing clients’ interests in cooperation with Russian Railways and other participants in the cargo delivery process
– dealing with applications and fees
– arranging settlement with foreign carriers for the delivery of freight and rolling stock throughout the CIS,Baltic States, and Central Asia
– providing the services related to the transportation of cargoes Transoil
– organization of the technical support and fulfillment of the programming repair works of rolling stock, including motive power (2TE 116 locomotives)
– preparation of tank wagons for loading of all types of oil and petroleum products cargoes, for all types of repairs, including on its own flushing and recirculation stations (FRS)