MTS: Restrictions have spurred interest in smart advertising among entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region

MTS told about a twofold increase in demand for the MTS Marketolog service in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region since the beginning of autumn. The MTS Marketolog service is designed to launch targeted advertising on the Internet and targeted mailings among small and medium-sized businesses.


In the Leningrad region, the greatest interest in the service for launching smart advertising «MTS Marketolog» was shown by entrepreneurs from the service sector. They account for about 40% of requests. In second place in terms of demand are companies from the retail sector. They inform residents about the current work schedule and ongoing promotions. Completing the top three are auto repair shops that remind of seasonal tire replacement.


In St. Petersburg, banks and financial companies have become the leader in demand for smart advertising services.This area accounted for more than 30% of new requests. Catering establishments are in second place. They occupy 23% of the requests. Cafes and restaurants have become more likely to inform about delivery conditions and special offers, which change rapidly under restrictions. Retailers are in third place.


Director of work with the MTS business market in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region Artur Sizov said: «During the introduction of QR codes, St. Petersburg business continues to look for formats of operational communication with potential customers. Advertising services based on Big Data allow you to send messages to exactly those people and at a time when the information for them will be as relevant as possible. For example, a restaurant can inform about special conditions for ordering «takeaway» to people living in the neighborhood».


MTS Marketolog helps entrepreneurs independently launch targeted mailing of messages and advertising on the Internet. With the help of a special platform, a business can make a point mailing based on almost 200 parameters, including geolocation, gender, age and the sphere of interests of a potential buyer. The service is based on MTS Big Data, which allows you to show ads only to the audience that it may interest. The service can be used by individuals and legal entities, individual entrepreneurs – subscribers of any operators

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