20/12/17 – Workshop “Innovative solutions for business. How to create a creative team”

14/12/17 – SPIBA New Year [SENSE]SATION

12/12/17 – Business Forum “HR Digital: #speed #changes #result”

8/12/17 – Strategic HR and social partners: Labor Collective Councils, Trade Unions, etc.

6/12/17 – Get Together@Indoor GORKI Golf Academy

5/12/17 – In the “circle of trust” – the complex information security of the company

4/12/17 – Currency control: principal aspects of the regulation and its application in practice

30/11/17 – Business meeting with the management of the Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture of St. Petersburg

29/11/17 – Pharma Breakfast “Current state and development of the pharmaceutical industry”

22/11/17 – Workshop “Business Networking: the key for successful career”

16/11/17 – Battle “Auditor vs General Director”

27/10/17 – Labor Market Review. Business meeting with Dmitry S. Cherneyko, Chairman of the Committee on Labor and Employment of the Population of St. Petersburg

25/10/17 – SPIBA General Meeting

19/10/17 – Workshop “TED-Style Business Presentations”

13/10/17 – Friday the 13th. Business-divination: the socio-economic situation in Russia

12/10/17 – Use of Intellectual Property Objects in Marketing Activities

11/10/17 – Look@PhilipMorrisIzhora and discussion about innovations and digitalization in manufacturing

6/10/17 – Logistics Breakfast: “Present Logistics. Prospective Ways of Development”

03/10/17 – Blockchain for Business. Crypto-currency options

27/09/17 – Novels of Procedural Legislation and Reform of Arbitration Courts in the Russian Federation

26/09/17 – SPIBA Cultural Discoveries: “New Holland: Cultural Urbanisation”

20/09/17 – Business meeting with the management of the Office for Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RF in SPB and Leningrad region

13/09/17 – Look@BSH

12/09/17 – “Innovative procedures in the 2017 Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Rules: costs and time-saving mechanisms” in Consulate General of Sweden in St. Petersburg

7/09/17 – Big Data changes production technologies

6/09/17 – Motivation of personnel through the prism of the theory of generations

29/07/17 – SPIBA Golf Picnic

25/07/17 – Outsourcing and provision of personnel. Work with temporary staff

20/07/17 – Interactive seminar “ISKU health. More comfort, less infections”

19/07/17 – Meeting with A. A. Korabelnikov, Chairman of Finance Committee of Saint-Petersburg

17/07/17 – Liquidity Management: How to Make Money Work

14/07/17 – Media Meeting: Andrey Ershov, Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper Kommersant


4/07/17 – Insight-session “Uber-thinking”

4/04/17 – Best practices of waste recycling/Alternatives to environmental fees: which factors hinder the development of recycling market in Russia

29/06/17 – SPIBA General Meeting

28/06/17 – Customs valuation and profile risk system: current administration practices, prospects in the light of the EAEU Customs Code

23/06/17 – Media Meeting: Natalia Dobrova, Editor-in-Chief, and Evgeny Zinin, General Director, RBC Petersburg

16/06/17 – Transition to a new order for application of cash registers

16/06/17 – The practice of new tourism – St. Petersburg on the eve of the Confederations Cup and preparations for FIFA World Cup 2018

14/06/17 – Director’s new adventures in Russia

05/06/17 – Business converge. Informal discussion according to the results of SPIEF’17

26/05/17 – New vectors of the development of electronic document management in Russia. The view of the Federal Tax Service of Russia

24/05/17 – Business meeting in Consulate General of Belgium “Investment climate: Rating “Doing Business” 

23/05/17 – Look@Teknos&Maryino

17/05/17 – Breakfast with the Director: Maxim Ivanov, president and co-owner of the Galactika Group of Companies

15/05/17 – Business meeting with Consulate General of the Netherlands and St. Petersburg Institute of Law named after Prince P.G. Oldenburgsky: Interaction between NGOs, authorities and business in the field of ecological responsibility issues

11/05/17 – Consular Breakfast with U.S. Consul General in St. Petersburg

26/04/17 – Overview of the Scrum methodology and the possibilities of using Scrum outside IT

19/04/17 – On the crest of industry. What is behind winning creativity?

14/04/17 – Documented verification of a zero percent VAT rate for the sale of goods 

5/04/17 – Look@Imperial Porcelain Factory

31/03/17 – The subtleties of doing business with Chinese partners

30/03/17 – Practical conference “Interaction between universities and business: attraction and development of young specialists”

23/03/17 – Wage issues. Reward program. Staff salaries management. Indexation and bonuses. Tax risks

23/03/17 – SPIBA presented a “Green Code” concept at a meeting of the Legislative Assembly’s Commission for Ecology and Natural Resource Management

22/03/17 – SPIBA Annual Meeting

17/03/17 – Business Breakfast with the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

16/03/17 – Look@Zenit Arena 

14/03/17 – Russia today: review of economic situation

1/03/17 – Billy’s Band Charity concert for members and freinds of SPIBA

28/02/17 – Taxes 2017. What can investors expect?

21/02/17 – How to run an efficient meeting

16/02/17 – Seminar, devoted to macroeconomic situation in Russia and global economic trend

14/02/17 – Meeting with the management of “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg”

24/01/17 – Self-leadership and Mindfulness for Leaders

19/01/17 – Look@GALACTIKA