12/12/18 – “Question and Answer” session with Alexey A. Korabelnikov, Chairman of Finance Committee of Saint-Petersburg

11/12/18 – How to encourage employees to become more engaged in internal communications

7/12/18 – SPIBA New Year General Meeting

6/12/18 – The First Conference of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA)

4/12/18 – The third annual Maritime Logistics event focusing on the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative

3/12/18 – Media Meeting: Vedomosti

28/11/18 – Waste Market Reform: From “Waste” to a Secondary Material Resource

20/11/18 – “Lean Manufacturing: Best Practices” roundtable at JTI

14/11/18 – Recipes for modern design of learning environment

13/11/18 – Workshop “Personal brand of a manager and a little bit about quantum physics”

31/10/18 – Social media as an important element of marketing strategy. Hit or miss? How to reach the target audience

30/10/18 – Compliance of employers with current requirements of legislation on disabled persons employment

26/10 – Time Management: Effective methods for time managing

25/10 – Socio-economic situation in Russia: half year results

18/10/18 – Life under sanctions

17/10/18 – Data Protection in Russia and the EU

12/10/18 – SPIBA General Meeting

5/10/18 – Labor Market Review

4/10/18 – “REFLECTION” – Meet-up with the famous Petersburg photographer Alexei Kostromin at YELLOWKORNER gallery

26/09/18 – Digital capability /Development of an organizational resource for digitization of business

14/09/18 – New changes in the VAT legislation. Resolving practical issues relating to the VAT application

12/09/18 – Business meeting with the management of the Office for Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

6/09/18 – Tour in Annenkirche

4/09/18 – Workshop “What is the team that makes the digital transformation of the company”

21/07/18 – SPIBA Golf Picnic

19/07/18 – How to buy a dream: what do you need to know choosing a property in 2018?

12/07/18 – Strategic HR – business expectations. How to become a business partner

11/07/18 – Information Security. Challenges and risks for business

10/07/18 – SPIBA General Meeting


5/07/18 – “Green Business”: from German experience to Russian realities and perspectives

25/06/18 – presentation “Brand INFINITY in Russia. Marketing and Product Strategy”

14/06/18 – XXI Century Skills: Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

8/06/18 – Leadership Models

5/06/18 – Look@Hyundai

31/05/18 – Upgrading the quality of services using IT technologies

29/05/18 – Meeting with the management of the Vodokanal St.Petersburg

28/05/18 – Business converge. Informal discussion according to the results of SPIEF’18

23/05/18 – Workshop “Dynamic Delegation” with the use of the “MindGym” tool

22/05/18 – Russia today: review of economic situation

24/04/18 – Industrial Internet of things (IIoT). What key performance indicators can industrial enterprises achieve by implementing IoT projects?

20/04/18 – Factoring 2018 – new financial instruments and changes in legislation

11/04/18 – Change in internal culture of the organization

5/04/18 – Business meeting with the management of the Office for Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region

3/04/18 – Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunities: the practice of companies in Russia

29/03/18 – SPIBA Annual Meeting “Preparation and organization of FIFA World Cup 2018™”

20/03/18 – Obligations of the Employer in the field of civil defense, emergencies and liquidation of consequences of natural disasters

20/03/18 – Use of Blockchain Technology in Business

13/03/18 – Workshop “The effectiveness of personal information (on the consumption of information in the modern world)”

2/03/18 – “How to ensure high involvement of the younger generation?” in the framework of the St. Petersburg International Labor Forum

1/03/18 – Narrative Leadership in the Digital Age

20/02/18 – Taxes 2018

19/02/18 – Business Coffee morning with UK Consul General in St. Petersburg

15/02/18 – Meeting with St.Peterburg Federal Antimonopoly Service

14/02/19 – Look@Lubimy Kray

13/02/18 – Consumer Market Trends

9/02/18 – Seminar, devoted to macroeconomic situation in Russia and global economic trends with Sébastien Barbé, Chief Emerging Markets Economist, Credit Agricole CIB

8/02/18 – “Green code” signing at Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg

23/01/18 – Artificial intelligence – a dream and /or a lawyer’s nightmare

19/01/18 – Sketchnoting: How visual notes allow you to structure information

18/01/18 – SWISSAM Hands-on Culinary Workshop