Press release “GMCS has developed a robot for SOK Service Center RUS based on the UiPath RPA platform”

Press release

GMCS has developed a robot for SOK Service Center RUS based on the UiPath RPA platform

 GMCS has developed a robot based on the UiPath platform for SOK Service Center RUS, the Russian subsidiary of a Finnish service company.

SOK Service Center RUS provides services (accounting and other services) to the Finnish retail chain PRISMA and Sokos Hotels in Russia.

The UiPath attended robot has released a service company employees from routine tasks associated with document. The robot accesses the ERP system, finds, prints and sends accounting documents (invoice, invoice, waybills) to clients by e-mail, in accordance with the required parameters and conditions for the formation of printed forms. The speed of operations has increased due to the use of the robot, and the number of errors has decreased.

“This is our first experience in RPA, and we are pleased with the results. Based on the results of the survey carried out jointly with GMCS, we have identified several more areas that can be robotized,” said Natalia Kadina, Financial Director of SOK Service Center RUS.

SOK Service Center RUS plans to create an RPA competency center for the further development of robotization in the company.

“The active phase of the project implementation fell on the period of self-isolation. Despite this, thanks to the customer’s involvement in the project, work on the robot development continued. We will be glad to help SOK Service Center RUS in the future with the robotization of new processes,” commented Dmitry Smykalov, Head of RPA practice at GMCS.

“The technology we have developed is capable of handling most of the repetitive workflow-related business processes, freeing employees up to 2 hours a day for more interesting and creative tasks,” said Svetlana Anisimova, CEO of UiPath Russia and the CIS. “In addition, human error is now eliminated in routine operations. We support the idea of ​​”SOK Service Center RUS” to continue the robotic process automation in other directions. ”


About the company SOK Service Center RUS

SOK Service Center RUS is a representative office of a Finnish service company (SOK Palvelukeskus, the S Group), which maintains PRISMA stores and SOKOS hotels in Russia.

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