SberSolutions: 28.07.22 Webinar “Accounting can be easy: new tools for business”


28.07.22 at 11.00

Webinar “Accounting can be easy: new tools for business”


Have you ever had to worry about filing tax returns? How to comply with the tax requirements and go through all the stages of an audit without your extra involvement?

How to develop the core services with an endless series of reports, audits, and acccounts? How to make the right choice and trust a reliable provider?

Today accounting outsourcing can be risk-free, under control and without additional costs for your business.

During the webinar, SberSolutions experts will pass along:

  • How to help your accounting within the excessive numbers of tax audits;
  • Standard Accounting vs. Outsourcing;
  • How to choose and trust an outsourcer: risks, concerns and how to avoid them

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