SCHNEIDER GROUP and Dsight: 1.10.20 Online event about Russia’s startup and venture capital market

According to IDC, the Russian IT market reached $ 24.18 billion (+7%)* in 2019. Venture investment volume in Russia in the same year reached $ 870 million, while exit deals are estimated at $ 5.5 billion**. Business software, marketing and advertising, cybersecurity, industrial applications, HR, transport and logistics, and real estate** are the most popular startups in the B2B segment.

Home of world-renowned brands such as Kaspersky, ABBYY, Nginx, and Telegram, Russia is full of interesting ideas and promising high-tech startups. However lack of private enterprise customers and funding capital is keeping many promising ideas from coming to light.

Dsight and SCHNEIDER GROUP introduce a series of online events about the Russian startup landscape to bridge this gap.

Join the free webinar about technology trends and investment opportunities with the ultimate focus on business cases & insights on October 1, 2020 at 18:00!

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Event agenda:

  • Intro chat: Russian venture capital market. Specifics, differences from the venture capital market in US and Europe.

Sergei Kantcerov, Founder, Dsight and Lars Flottrong, Partner, SCHNEIDER GROUP

  • Tech Scouting in Russia – Best Practices Used by Global Industry Leaders
    Kendrick White, Founder and General Director, Marchmont Capital Partners
  • Why global Kaspersky is looking for startups in Russia?
    Vitaly Mzokov, Head of Kaspersky iHub
  • X5 – 3 years of scouting – experience, lessons learned, outlook
    Denis Levchenko, Head of Scouting, X5 Retail Group

Event language: English

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*Source: IDC

**Source: Venture Russia Report: 2019 results,

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