Special offer for SPIBA members from M-Brain

For more than 25 years leaders of the market actively oversee competitor activities, plans and strategies of customers and partners and monitor other business topics with M-Brain services! It is important to be aware of changes external business environment, but You don’t want to spend too much time on the work with business information. We prepared anti-crisis proposal specially for SPIBA members:


10% discount for new M-Brain clients who sign up for service before 31 December 2021!


With M-Brain solutions You don’t need to spend a lot of time and energy on search, selection, analysis, systematization of the information anymore. Services and AI-platforms would help You with automatization, innovativeness, easiness, resultative management and control of informational processes of Your company.


The discount applies to all M-Brain services as listed below:


Intelligence Plaza (https://www.m-brain.com/intelligence-plaza/)  – an innovative platform collectы and distribute information about the market, key industries, customers, competitors:

  • all the necessary information in 1 cloud platform
  • storage, control, distribution, visualization of information
  • alerts and newsletters, 24/7 archive access


Regular reports M-Brain Industry Insights (https://www.m-brain.com/industry-insights/). Contain information processed by analysts, for example:

  • major investment projects
  • companies plans and strategies
  • appointments, mergers and resignations
  • news about international markets, etc.

M-Adaptive SaaS monitoring tool:

  • editorial media and social media
  • reputation control and competitor monitoring
  • automated reports, graphics, diagrams and alerts


M-Brain services are available for SPIBA members with 10% discount for new clients sined contract before 31 December 2021

Please contact us via e-mail: sales.russia@m-brain.com or leave us Your request on M-Brain’s website.

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