SPIBA invites you to join Green Code, environmental safety commitments

Dear colleagues,

In the Year of the Environment, Maria Shcherbakova, Chairman of the Saint Petersburg Legislative Assembly’s Commission for Ecology and Natural Resource Management, encourages all SPIPA members to join the Green Code, environmental safety commitments.

“It is important for citizens that enterprises located within the city boundaries are both efficient and environmentally friendly,” said Maria Shcherbakova in her message to the community. “The Green Code of Industrial Enterprises in Saint Petersburg put forward by SPIBA is a fine example of how businesses can be engaged in securing the environmental well-being of Saint Petersburg.”

The first ceremony of signing the Green Code took place on March 23, 2017 in the Mariinskiy Palace during a meeting of the Commission for Ecology and Natural Resource Management of Saint Petersburg’s Legislative Assembly. Baltika Breweries, part of Carlsberg Group, and JTI’s Petro factory, which are Russia’s largest companies in their sectors, became the first to join the initiative.

“Enterprises which signed the Green Code both adhere to the environmental laws and implement additional initiatives to reduce impact on the environment, demonstrating their willingness to contribute to the city’s well-being,” Maria Shcherbakova noted.

Please see the full text of the message enclosed (in Russian). The Green Code is available here.

Please address any questions related to joining the initiative to Karina Khabacheva, SPIBA Executive Director.

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