SPIBA is looking for an administrative manager!

Job description

  • The organizational and technical support of the office:

Statutory documents, registration, charter, preparation of banking documentation;

Interaction with the contractors: landlord, accounting services provider, bank, IT/telephony supplier, website designer, CRM database designer, Internet/phone operator, supplier for copier/printer maintenance, office supplies/water suppliers, courier services, taxi/buses provider;

Maintaining and monitoring of office equipment/supplies (printer cartridges refilling, monthly stationery/canteen/water order);

Sorting and sending mail;

  • Finance:

Monitoring budget plan, preparing budget summaries, scheduling expenditures, monitoring costs, analyzing variances, developing required reports related to budgeting & expenses;

Membership Quarterly Billing, drawing up contracts, sending acts;

Receivables tracking and communications with debtors;

New members/members joined from specific date membership dues biiling, drawing up contracts, receivables tracking, sending acts;

Invoices/contracts issuing for additional payments for sponsorship/events;

Contractors’ invoices processing and monitoring the availability of supporting documents.

  • Coordination of events:

SPIBA events: events calendars scheduling,agendas, announces, coordination with speakers, venue, equipment (multimedia audiovisual facilities, catering) and interpreters, photographer, other (live bands, flowers, awards),  registration of participants (back-up); technical moderation of online events.

Coordination of Working Committees and Working groups (including Executive Committee): scheduling of working meetings, (timing, agenda, materials, minutes), elections, communications with co-chairs;

Updating of Committees’ working plans, SPIBA events plans.

  •  Communications:

Governmental authorities: preparation of official letters (invitations to participate in events, specific legislative and regulatory initiatives letters), telephone communications with the representatives of the local authorities to track results. Informing members of Committees and Working Groups of relevant activities;

SPIBA members: membership documentation flow, membership packages, statutory/finance; Potential SPIBA members:  statutory/finance documents;

Sponsors/committee sponsor/media sponsor: contracts, terms, reports.

SPIBA website: editing, content and layout

CRM Database: editing, content,


For any questions please contact us via office@spiba.ru


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