SPIBA Sponsorship Opportunities: General Sponsor 2023

SPIBA Executive Committee is pleased to introduce an opportunity for SPIBA members to become SPIBA General Sponsor in 2023.

SPIBA Sponsorship will provide your company with significant benefits and exposure to the SPIBA members and partners community.


1.Placement of the sponsor’s logo:

on the main page of the SPIBA website as a clickable banner;

on the SPIBA weekly announce and periodic Newsletter (widest reach);

on the agendas and announcements of large SPIBA events: General Meetings, Look@It, Breakfast with the Director, large conferences;

2.Organization of an event in cooperation with Sponsor (up to 2 a year) with support of SPIBA;

3.Opportunity to put the roll-up of the company at the SPIBA General meetings and large conferences;

4.Opportunity to distribute materials at the SPIBA General meetings and large conferences;

5.Placement of the logo as a “SPIBA General Sponsor 2023” in the SPIBA Annual Report;

6.Placement of the company logo on the first slide of the General Meetings presentation;

7.Expression of the gratitude to Sponsor during SPIBA Annual Meeting;

8.Additional registrations of the delegates to SPIBA events (up to 3 pers.);

9.Exclusivity: one sponsor in the category during the whole year!

Sponsorship fee is just 150 000 Rubles!

If you have any questions regarding SPIBA sponsorship, please contact us via e-mail office@spiba.ru.

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