SPIBA Sponsorship Opportunities: The sponsor of the committee 2021

Dear colleagues,

SPIBA Executive Committee is pleased to introduce an opportunity for SPIBA members to become SPIBA COMMITTEE Sponsors in 2021.

SPIBA Sponsorship will provide your company with significant benefits and exposure to the SPIBA members and partners community.

SPIBA Committees:

  1. Finance committee
  2. HR committee
  3. Industrial committee
  4. Innovation and intelligent systems committee
  5. Legal committee
  6. Marketing & communications committee
  7. Quality of life committee
  8. Real estate and construction committee


– Your company’s logo on the invitation leaflets of all Committee’s events distributed by e-mail to members and partners of SPIBA;

– Your company’s logo on the event programs of all Committee’s events, distributed to all participants of the Committee’s events;

– Placing roll-up / banner and materials of your company at the Committee’s events;

– Photo report in SPIBA Social Media (Facebook&Instagram and website) with the mention of the Sponsor;

– Priority for the company to provide speaker for the Committee’s events;

– Opportunity to invite partners (non-SPIBA members) to the Committee’s events (up to 3 reps.);

– Exclusivity: only one sponsor for each Committee;

– Feature of the company as a Committee sponsor (name & logo) in the SPIBA 2021 Annual Report.

Committee description and sponsorship details are attached.

If you have any questions regarding SPIBA sponsorship, please contact us via e-mail office@spiba.ru.

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