Summer culinary courses by SWISSAM International University!

SWISSAM launches a series of short culinary courses (5 days each). The courses are suitable for beginners as well as cooks who want to learn specific areas of culinary arts. All lessons are 100% practice in a modern culinary studio.

July 10-14: Italian cuisine

You will take a gastronomic journey and learn traditional recipes of Italian dishes!

Teacher: Gala Komar

Program and price: 


July 17-21: Italian desserts

The sweetest course of this summer! We will learn the recipes of Italian desserts, main techniques and methods.

Teacher: Gala Komar

Program and price: 


July 31 – August 4: Russian pies

Returning to traditional culture is the new trend, and cooking is not an exception. Learn recipes of traditional Russian pies on our course!

Teacher: Olga Bedskikh

Program and price: 


Every day you will taste the dishes you cook and communicate with like-minded people. All the recipes you learn you will take home. After the completion of each course all participants will receive a certificate. To enroll click the links above.


Until mid July you can buy courses at special prices! 


Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any questions!


T: +7 (911) 244-49-82

T: +7 (812) 414-92-23

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