SWISSAM International University is launching a dual degree program with the Anatoly Sobchak International Banking Institute!

The dual degree program combines the advantages of Russian and international education, providing graduates with opportunities to build their careers both in Russia and abroad.

During their studies, students acquire competencies in the hotel and restaurant business, as well as related fields. 

  • Duration of study: 4 years
  • Full-time studies
  • Language: English and Russian

The main advantages of the program include two diplomas (Swiss and state-issued), paid internships, instruction of specialized subjects in English, and military service deferment.

Learn about the admission procedure and submit an application: 


How the studies will be held:

  • Subjects taught in English under the IMI program will be held in person at the SWISSAM campus.
  • Compulsory subjects (according to Russian higher education standards) will be taught in Russian at the International Banking Institute.
  • The schedule will be designed in a way that allows students to comfortably pursue studies at both universities simultaneously.
  • Internships after the 1st and 2nd years will follow the SWISSAM standards (500 hours), and a report will need to be provided to the International Banking Institute.

You can get to know the university better at the Open Day on July 15th at 15:00. The Open Day will take place at the River Palace Hotel. To participate, registration is required: 

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